Trevor Noah and the policing of comedy in a digital age

After months of speculation, we finally have a new host for The Daily Show—South African comedian and Daily Show correspondent Trevor Noah. Personally, I was surprised by the choice since he’s pretty new and I thought seniority would have more to do

Commentary about ‘Selma’ heralds diversity over merit

It’s Oscars season again, which, of course, means that the internet is buzzing with arguments over award snubs. This year’s main obligatory controversy over Oscar nominations concerns the film “Selma,” by up-and-coming director Ava DuVernay. It’s a civil rights film portraying Martin

When time and feminists clash, everyone is ugly

Time magazine has found itself in some hot water for its annual poll of words to ban in 2015. The poll featured overused words like “basic,” “kale” and “ratchet.” Alongside those terms, though, was “feminist,” which caused a small uproar and prompted

Is it wrong not to care about Ebola?

According to a recent Kaiser Family Foundation poll, almost half of Americans have a fear of contracting Ebola. The one thing staving off my absolute cynicism is that, while there are still stories about the terrifying dangers of Ebola, there is also

Mandatory academic trigger warnings would be ineffectual

Recently, many people have been pushing the idea that college professors should be required to put trigger warnings on potentially distressing course material, and the notion has gotten a good deal of flak from many academics. The American Association of University Professors

When Star Trek metaphors fall short in explanation

Atheism has always been criticized for its supposedly lackluster view of the world. I say “supposedly” here because most of the people who make claims about how sad and fruitless it is to be nonreligious tend fall into the religious camp themselves.

Fixing girls’ dress codes won’t fix the problem

First things first: welcome back to Swarthmore, everyone! The summer has given me quite the wealth of topics to write about, at least until all that can be said has been said and there’s no point in reiterating all the issues, and

I’m your own worst critic

I am of the opinion that personal expression as well as the public appreciation and consumption of art in all of its various forms is important to a society. Expressing ideas, feelings and concepts through art is a good thing, and simply

Skewed priorities in lenient academic policies for athletes

The University of North Carolina has found itself in hot water after the not-that-shocking revelation that the university has a policy of leniency toward its student-athletes during the grading process. This is nothing new or surprising — it’s one of those controversial