Night of Scenes Showcases New Talent

This week, Swarthmore's Frear Ensemble Theater staged the theater department's Directing I Night of scenes, a collaboration between student directors, actors, and designers to showcase talents both new and familiar. The three plays were Ara Watson's "Final Placement," directed by Dan

Rhythm N Motion to Mesmerize Main Stage

Swarthmore’s renowned dance group, Rhythm N Motion, has been captivating the Swarthmore campus with its diverse beats and infectious choreography for over five years. At 8 p.m. on Saturday, April [...]

Reviews of Ville Cuisine

Find these restaurants on the map here. To many at Swarthmore College, The Ville is just a quaint little town from whence come numerous pizzas and Chinese food delicacies that [...]

Dramaboard to take Swarthmore Into The Woods

Despite ample presence of wishes, witches, and loquacious furry woodland creatures, Stephen Sondheimís acclaimed musical Into the Woods is not your everyday fairy tale. However, itís quirky - and often [...]