Hit or miss: Oscar predictions

After months of predictions, campaigns, and hand-wringing, Oscar nominations were finally announced last week. Setting aside some disappointing snubs (“Inside Llewyn Davis” only scored two nominations, and “Fruitvale Station” received none) and interesting surprises (“Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa”? Really?), the competition this

“Catching Fire” sets up a thrilling franchise finale

“Catching Fire” accomplishes a remarkable feat: it is a genuinely engaging second installment in a trilogy rather than a slogging sophomore entry of filler content and introductions.  An indisputable improvement on the “The Hunger Games”, which was bogged down by exposition and

Taking the trophy wife back off the shelf

Modern masculinity in crisis was all the rage with network’s last season (“Work It” followed men who dressed as women to get jobs, “Guys with Kids” featured guys with kids), and this year studios didn’t buck the trend, implementing another round of

Fall TV forecast: what to watch this season

I doubt anyone will ever compare me to Kenneth from “30 Rock” (I’m too bitter and don’t know nearly enough about farming) but we do have one thing in common: we live for television. Love fades, friends grow distant, but TV is