Weekend Recap

Men’s Cross Country

This past Saturday, Swarthmore men’s cross country competed in the Centennial Conference Championships in Cockeysville, MD. Finishing in fourth place, the Garnet averaged a time of 27:10. Swarthmore’s top two finishers were seated in the overall top fifteen. The Garnet will next compete in the NCAA Regionals on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Notable Players: Aidan Cantine ʼ23 led the Garnet, finishing in fourth place in the event with a time of 25:50:9. Atticus Hempel ʼ25 finished in eleventh place with a time of 26:23:9.

Women’s Cross Country

Swarthmore women’s cross country also finished in fourth place in the Centennial Conference Championships. Competing this past Saturday in Cockeysville, MD, the Garnet tallied 121 points. Swarthmore women’s cross country will next compete in the NCAA Regionals Saturday, Nov. 13. 

Notable Players: Nora Blodgett ʼ22 led the team, finishing in thirteenth place and earning All-Conference honors. Rose Teszler ʼ23 finished with a time of 24:16.5, followed by Alina Irvine ʼ25 who finished with a time of 24:40.9.

Field Hockey

Swarthmore: 2, Haverford: 1

This past Saturday, Swarthmore field hockey defeated conference rival Haverford College. Winning the game 2-1, the Garnet secured a position in the Centennial Conference postseason for the first time since 2000. 

Notable Players: Katherine Kohn ʼ25 scored the opening goal for the Garnet in the 40th minute of play. Samantha Meacock ʼ22 scored the game winning goal, assisted by Chelsea Semper ʼ22. 

Swarthmore: 2, Haverford: 0

Swarthmore field hockey is now in the midst of the Centennial Conference postseason, winning another game this past Tuesday against Haverford College in the opening round of the tournament. Seeded at number four, the Garnet scored in the first and third frames, securing their advancement to the semi-finals for the second time in the history of Swarthmore field hockey. The Garnet will next face Johns Hopkins on Friday, Nov. 5, in Baltimore. 

Notable Players: Martina Kampel ʼ23 scored the Garnet’s first goal in the last five minutes of the first quarter. Katherine Kohn ʼ25 scored Swarthmore’s second goal, securing the Garnet win.

Men’s Soccer

Swarthmore: 2, Haverford: 1

Playing in Haverford, PA, Swarthmore men’s soccer faced Haverford College for their final game of the regular season this past Saturday. Both teams scored a goal in the second half, leading to an overtime where the Garnet secured the victory. Such a win secured the Garnet’s fourth seeded position within the Centennial Conference postseason. 

Notable Players: Brandon Cramblit ʼ24 scored the Garnet’s first goal in the second half, assisted by Woojin Shin ʼ22. In overtime, Stathis Kalathias ʼ24 scored the game-winning goal, rebounding a shot by Bless Tumushabe ʼ23.

Swarthmore: 1, Gettysburg: 2

Last Tuesday night, Swarthmore men’s soccer took on Gettysburg in the #4 seed vs. #5 seed game of the Centennial Conference Tournament. After ending the second half tied one a piece, the Garnet entered overtime. Unfortunately, the Bullets won the game in the first half of overtime ending the Garnet’s Centennial Conference Tournament run. The team will hope for an at large NCAA bid this upcoming Monday. 

Notable Players: Bless Tumushabe ʼ23 scored the Garnet’s only goal in the second half, assisted by Leo Hecht ʼ23. 

Women’s Soccer

Swarthmore: 0, Haverford: 1

This past Saturday, Swarthmore women’s soccer finished out the regular season in their game against Haverford College. The Garnet fell to Haverford in double overtime after two halves and an initial overtime of no scoring. However, Swarthmore women’s soccer is seeded as third in the Centennial Conference and will face McDaniel College on Friday, Nov. 5, in Westminster, MD. 

Notable Players: Kim Kockenmeister ʼ23 and Samantha Barnes ʼ22 tallied three and two shots, respectively. Nora Greer ’24 recorded five saves in goal. 


Swarthmore: 0, Haverford: 3 

This past Saturday, Swarthmore volleyball fell to Haverford College in straight sets. This final game of the regular season determined which team would be awarded the number two seed in the Centennial Conference postseason, rendering the Garnet as the third seed. Swarthmore Volleyball will face Haverford, once again, this coming Saturday, Nov. 6, in the Centennial Conference Tournament in Baltimore. 

Notable Players: Kaylee Zhang ʼ24 and Jordan Perry ʼ24 each recorded thirteen kills. Sierra Tyson ʼ24 tallied twenty-one digs. 

Women’s Swimming

This past Saturday in Chestertown, MD, Swarthmore women’s swimming defeated Washington College. Scoring 122.5 points, the Garnet won their fourth meet in a row. Swarthmore women’s swimming will next travel to Chicago, IL on Friday, Nov. 5, for the University of Chicago Invitational. 

Notable Players: Vivian Guo ʼ24 won the 1,000-yard free. Georgi Mathews ʼ25 won the 200-yard free.

Men’s Swimming

Swarthmore men’s swimming also traveled to Chestertown, MD, facing and defeating Washington College. The Garnet countered Washington College’s 66 points with 139 points. Swarthmore men’s swimming will also travel to Chicago, IL on Friday, Nov. 5, for the University of Chicago Invitational. 

Notable Players: Horace Shew ʼ22 won the 200-breast, 100-IM, and 200-back. Dylan Torrance ʼ22 followed Shew in the 200-back, placing second. 

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