Athlete of the Week: Jordan Perry ’24

This past weekend, the Swarthmore women’s volleyball team fought to defeat Marymount University in five sets, winning three straight sets in the latter part of the match. With sixteen kills, Jordan Perry, a sophomore from Greenbrae, CA, played an essential role in the Garnet’s victory against Marymount, leading the team in number of kills. The volleyball team is set to compete in a double-header on Saturday, September 18, traveling to Salisbury University to challenge both Salisbury and Christopher Newport University. 

Anna Suh: What attracted you to Swarthmore’s volleyball program?

Jordan Perry: To be able to achieve a superior education and play volleyball at a high level was key. I love the support provided by the Swarthmore Volleyball program as well as the coaches’ dedication to each individual player and the team.

AS: What is your intended major and why?

JP: I am planning on majoring in political science or economics because either of those degrees will be beneficial in my future plans to pursue my MBA post graduation.

AS: How does this season compare with your first season on the team?

JP: It is crazy how different this season is compared to my first season on the team. I honestly consider this volleyball season as my first real collegiate experience. Last year was difficult for many reasons. One being that not every volleyball player was allowed on campus in the Fall. Also there were many regulations that we had to follow which hindered the majority of our practices. For example, as a team we were not allowed to play six versus six due to social distancing guidelines. Now with less restrictions, my team has been able to train competitively while focusing on specific game-like situations.

AS: What are your personal and team goals for this season?

JP: My personal goals for this season are to continue to focus on one play at a time, not let any previous mistakes hinder my ability to stay positive and to not overthink every play. While for my team goals I would like to see us continue to challenge one another and increase our communication both on and off the court.

AS: What is your favorite thing to do with the volleyball team off the court?

JP: I really enjoy all of our team activities. But so far in the season, my favorite activity with my teammates was running the Rocky Steps [the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art]. Every year it is a tradition for the volleyball team to tie dye t-shirts and then complete a morning workout at the Rocky Steps with the athletic trainer Chris.

AS: What are your pre- and post-game rituals?

JP: Before each game we meet in one of the Field House classrooms and play music and hype each other up. While after the games we do a quick debrief and review about the game.

AS: What has been your favorite moment of the season thus far?

JP: My favorite moment of the season thus far has been seeing all the student fans show up for our home games to cheer us on.

AS: What is a course that you are excited about this semester and why?

JP: I am super excited about my world religions class because I have never taken a religion course before. So far the material has been incredibly interesting and I love how we question and discuss the basic ideas and philosophies of the various religions.

AS: What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t studying or playing volleyball?

JP: I love to travel and explore new places with my friends and family. I am always up for a new adventure.

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