Athlete of the Week: Adria Retter ’23

Courtesy of Adria Retter '23

This past weekend on Feb. 1, four track and field athletes competed at the Villanova Invite comprised of mainly Division I athletes from schools like University of Pennsylvania, Columbia University, Villanova University, Lehigh College, and St. Joseph’s University. The Garnet fared well and both women’s athletes placed in events. Of them, first-year Adria Retter ’23 from Quakertown, PA got sixth in shot-put with her career-best throw of 12.38 meters. 

Ben Lau: How did you choose Swarthmore?

Adria Retter: In high school, I appreciated the strong relationships I had with my peers and teachers, made possible by small class sizes and a less-than-2000 student body. Swarthmore provides the same intimate experience while maintaining academic rigor and athletic stature; after visiting and meeting the team, I was sold.

BL: What subjects do you enjoy and why?

AR: II enjoy classes that teach me to appreciate the beauty in life; meaning, I like biology because I gain respect for our finely tuned bodies and environment, and I enjoy psychology because I’m humbled by the complexity of the human mind.

BL: What is your most memorable experience at Swarthmore so far?

AR: Back in the fall, I went through a stressful time. My teammates kept my spirits up whenever I came to practice, making it the most enjoyable part of my day. A memorable experience from that period came when Coach Lauren pulled me aside, made sure I knew she was there for me, and spent upwards of an hour actively listening to me. I have a deep appreciation for my team; they make my Swarthmore experience special.

BL: How does it feel to get sixth in an event competing against several Division I schools?

AR: Placing at a predominantly D1 meet proved to me that D3 schools are not to be ignored.  Our hard work in the circles and the gym has begun to pay off – it’s rewarding. My teammate Clay [Conley ’20] placed second at that meet, out-throwing a bunch of D1 throwers and completing our goal for the meet (to kick some D1 booty).

BL: What are your individual and team goals?

AR: People are always looking to PR, but as a group, we hope to collect lots of points at our Conference meet later this month. Personally, I hope to beat my high school marks in shot-put and discus. I would also like to learn how to throw the hammer this spring.

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