Athlete of the Week: Krystle Boadi ’23

Krystle Boadi is a first year from Brooklyn, New York where she attended Leman Manhattan High School. Boadi is on the track team and recently finished first in the 200 meter event on January 25th, 2020 at the Coach I Open where she ran a time of 27.10 seconds. Her time was a 0.55 second improvement over her time at the Haverford Cup at the beginning of the season in December, where she ran a 27.65.

Neel Gupta: What is your intended major, and what interests you about that subject?

Krystle Boadi: I intend to major in biology with emphasis on neuroscience in preparation for medical school. I have always enjoyed biology, especially the human brain. It is my hope to specialize in neurology and work as a doctor in [developing countries]  and provide the proper medical assistance to those in need. 

NG: Why did you choose Swarthmore?

KB: I chose Swarthmore because of its distinctive liberal arts education offering students a rigorous academic experience. Swarthmore’s size and campus setting was very attractive to me. I had originally wanted to attend a large college but once I toured Swarthmore, everything changed. I knew instinctively that Swarthmore was the place for me. In addition to being a great liberal arts college, Swarthmore was also an attractive choice because it happened to be a Division III school where I could continue running as an extracurricular activity besides academics. 

NG: As a first year, how has the Swarthmore adjustment gone, academically and athletically?

KBL My adjustment at Swarthmore both academically and athletically has been very smooth. In terms of academics, I’m very encouraged  with Swarthmore’s dedicated faculty that is very supportive any time I have needed help. Athletically, I’m doing very well because of a dedicated coach and teammates who are very supportive of one another. The athletic team has become a second family to me. 

NG: What is your favorite event and why?

KB: My favorite event is the 200m race dash. I enjoy the challenge of this race as it requires me to build momentum and dash off without letting up. This race is the perfect distance for me as it’s not too long to run out of energy and also not too short to lose momentum or slack off a bit. I’m often excited and nervous at the same as I realize my adrenaline buildup while focusing on the shot to take off.

NG: How does the track team cope with all those nights running outside on the cold track?

KB: The energy from my teammates on the track team as well as our coach help us cope easily with the nights running outside on the cold track. On days when it is very cold, we usually alternate between running inside and outside which is a great decision. Despite the freezing weather, it is fun being together with my teammates striving to push the limits to improve our running skills.

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