No People Harmed in Fire at New PPR

On Saturday, April 27, Public Safety responded to a fire alarm at 2:15 p.m. on the fourth floor in New PPR.  The fire had originated in an oven and was contained by officers after the alarm was pulled. No injuries were reported and damage was minimal.  

Abigail Goodman ’20, who lives on the same floor down the hall from the kitchen, was close to the fire when it erupted.  

“I wasn’t affected much,” said Goodman.  “I do not cook often so the loss of the stove and oven is not detrimental to me, but I did end up throwing away some kitchen supplies because toxic chemicals from the fire extinguisher got all over them.”  

According to an email to the student body from Michael Hill, Pub Safe notified Swarthmore Borough Fire and Police, and worked with members of Facilities, EVS, and the Dean’s office to contain the fire.  

“Pub Safe did a really great job in this situation; they were there in minutes, helped put out the fire, and handled things well with the girl who caused the fire,” said Goodman.  “Luckily, it was not a bad accident.”

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