Athlete of the week: Anna Lyn ’22

Last Saturday, Swarthmore’s swim teams each wrapped up successful Centennial Conference seasons with senior day wins over Dickinson. The men completed yet another undefeated Conference regular season with a 162-95 victory, and the women capped off a stellar 6-1 season with a 148-109 win. The Garnet were led by a variety of strong swims. Key in the women’s victory was first-year Anna Lyn. Lyn, a freestyler from Fort Lauderdale, FL, placed first in the 100 and 200-yard freestyle. She wrapped up her schedule with a second place finish in the 50-yard freestyle. The Garnet will host the Swat Invite on February 16, and then will head to Gettysburg for the Conference Championship meet February 21-24.

Jack Corkery: What is your intended major, and what led you to choose it?

Anna Lyn: I’m still undecided, but I’m considering Peace and Conflict [Studies] and Political Science. It interesting for me to see how groups of people interact, diplomatically and through conflict.

JC: Why did you choose to attend Swarthmore?

AL: I wanted to come to Swarthmore because when I visited the campus I was absolutely hooked on the location and the people. I felt safe and happy here and I didn’t get that feeling anywhere else.

JC: What is the biggest difference for you between high school and college?

AL: The biggest change for me has been having so much free time. It’s been fun having time during the day to do things with friends, relax, and get homework done.

JC: What led you to start swimming?

AL: My dad and older brother were swimmers, and when I was in the third grade I decided I wanted to do it too. I think I just wanted to do everything that my brother did and didn’t want to be left behind.

JC: How was the training trip over winter break?

AL: It was hard and super tiring but it made me really confident about pushing through the idea of pain and just putting my head down and swimming as hard as I can. Plus it was warm, so I was very happy about that.

JC: What is your favorite spot on campus?

AL: Anywhere my friends are. But I like my room too because my nap schedule is important to me.

JC: If you could change one thing about Swarthmore, what would it be?

AL: Probably more food options. And if the climate could be more tropical, that’d be nice, unrealistic, but I would like that.

JC: Do you have any personal or team goals for the remainder of the season?

AL: Right now the goal is to just get ready for conference, and swim happy and fast!

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