This Game Will Change Your Life This Valentine’s Day

Brought to you by the makers of “Decide the Sharples Menu for the Next Week: The Game,” we have come to fix your semester! With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it seems like finding a boo in time is impossible, especially with your schedule! Well, lucky for you, we have devised the perfect game to help you choose a date on this campus! Forget about asking someone that you have actual feelings for! We have created this simple game so that you never have to develop feelings for anyone on this campus ever again. Yes I’m talking to you, you emotionally closed-off student!  Welcome to Cygnet Roulette!



    1. In your web browser, open Cygnet.
    2. Pick a Criteria Card from the Criteria Card deck. This will let you know exactly what you’re looking for in a Swattie (Ex. If the card contains just the letter “a,” you must type in “a” into Cygnet. This may also pull up everyone who lives in a dorm that contains the letter “a” in the name, but at this point you are so desperate for affection that you can’t afford to be picky. Example cards: “Mary Lyons J” “Willets’ Rats”.)
    3. Print these pages (Note: it is important that you print these pages in color, as you will need to see these faces for your future crush.)
    4. Hang these pages on a wall, leaving every photo visible.
    5. Putting on the blindfold (included), stand in front of your Cygnet wall. Using the dart (included), throw it at your wall.  Mark down whom it lands on, as this is your bae for Valentine’s Day.
    6. Congrats! You have successfully completed Cygnet Roulette! You now know your perfect match!  


  • Optional:  If you are still unsure of what to do with your potential beau, roll dice (not included)!  If you land on:
  • 1 : You should ask this person out!


    1. 2-6 : This person is better off as an intense crush!  Never look this person in the eye or share a coherent thought with them!  A true Swarthmore crush is all you need to make your life more interesting.


For those Swatties who enjoy living on the edge, try “Cygnet Roulette: Extreme Edition.”  For this version, you follow almost all of the same rules as the regular edition, but with the Extreme Edition Criteria Card Expansion Deck, you only have three options: you Cygnet everyone in your hall, you must look for your ex’s roommate (shoutout to those of you who live in a quad), or you must Cygnet everyone in your nine-person seminar.  This is a perfect way to spice up your hall’s culture and make your semester as awkward as possible. Happy Playing!


Cygnet Roulette is on sale now at the Swarthmore College Community Store. Swat Points are not accepted as valid currency. Blindfold and dart included. Some assembly necessary. Cygnet Roulette is not liable for any accidents, heartbreak, or extreme discomfort that may occur while playing this game.  


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