Athlete of the week: Tess Wild ’19

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Swarthmore women’s lacrosse has been off to a hot start this season. The team’s record currently stands at 4-0 as their season’s pace kicks up, with conference play beginning next week. Tess Wild ʼ19 has been key to the Garnet’s success so far. The junior from Warminster, Pa. leads the team in both goals and assists, with nine apiece. Her five-goal performance against Lebanon Valley College on March 10 secured her Centennial Conference Offensive Player of the Week honors. Wild and the Garnet resume action Thursday with a home game against Arcadia.
Jack Corkery: What is your major, and how did you choose to pursue it?
Tess Wild: I am a psychology and economics double major. I was drawn to the social sciences because I’ve always been interested in people, and chose these two disciplines in particular because I’ve found they give me the tools to critically think about myself and my behavior, which I find useful.
JC: What made you decide to attend Swarthmore?
TW: I decided to attend Swarthmore because I believed it would challenge me in and out of the classroom, and give me the space/capability to engage with difficult ideas outside of my comfort zone. I also wanted the chance to contribute to such a great lacrosse program, and having grown up in the Philly suburbs, liked the idea of staying local.
JC: How does it feel to be named Centennial Conference Offensive Player of the Week?
TW: It’s nice to be recognized for hard work, but I have my teammates to thank for making me look good. Lacrosse is a team sport, and no one player can make offense happen on their own.
JC: How was the team’s spring break trip?
TW: It was definitely nice to escape the cold, if only for a week. Spring break is also always a good chance for us to get to know one another.
JC: Do you have any goals for the upcoming season, either as a team or an individual?
TW: As a team we are focused on consistently playing to our potential, and are working to learn and improve from each game. On the personal level, I want to end the season feeling satisfied I have done all I can to contribute to the team’s success.

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