Spring Break To Do List

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Spring is upon us. The weather may be unreliable and unpredictable, I may have watched a huge tree fall outside my window that overlooks Willets hill, but hey, at least spring break is upon us. I am placing great emphasis on the word “break” because sadly, most of us will not take advantage of it. So this week’s article is dedicated to spicing up your break. I have thus compiled a spring break bucket list. Call me cheesy, but you will thank me later. In order for your spring break to be amazing, you must adhere to this list.You can only return back to Swarthmore’s campus once these 10 things are completed.
1. Take a bath.
Turn the knob to a comfortable temperature setting and let the water fill the tub. Pour some bubbles in, dim the lights, and turn your speaker on. Play an opera playlist, close your eyes, and remember that bathtubbing is an art. If you do not have a bathtub, like myself, another option is to borrow your neighbor’s blow up pool. Not saying I do this, but a reliable source tells me it does the trick.
2. Get a haircut.
Come back fresh. Spring is the season for growth so give your hair the opportunity to grow by trimming your hair.
3. Make a movie that stars Cara Delevingne.
She is beautiful and we (me) all want to see her more on the big screen. Do
this not for yourself but for the greater good of all humanity, please.
4. Write a novel.
Mary Shelley wrote “Frankenstein” when she was 20. You can too! Maybe your work won’t be as amazing as one of my FAVORITE books “Frankenstein”, but hey, cheers to you if it is.
5. Run a marathon.
Just one.
6. Write a symphony.
The audience closes their eyes and can hear the sound of the violin flowing throughout their body. The saxophone comes next and boom, suddenly the audience feels sexy and ready to take on the world. Next thing they know the percussions and symbols come and they can’t help but move their whole body when they crash. BOOM sound the trumpets, BOOM where did that harp come from, and DANG ending it with a bang on some beatboxing. YOU could create that experience for someone this spring break.
7. Go skinny dipping in the ocean with the Little Mermaid.
Hahahaha if you actually succeed in doing this somehow, please let me know. Ariel was my first crush you know.
8. Sing a duet with Andrea Bocelli.
If you do not know who this beautiful man is, stop what you are doing right now
and google him. He is an Italian opera singer who has captured my heart
forever. His voice is truly mesmerizing and could change your life forever.
Maybe I cried the first time I heard him sing, or maybe I didn’t. Regardless, that man has captured my heart forever — normally something only women can do for me, soooo this is big.
9. Recreate “The Starry Night” by Vincent Van Gogh.
This task you HAVE to do on the ceiling of McCabe because when our brains
are melting away in that space, we can at least look up at something pretty and
10. (Read with no stops, please.) Go to a 2 Chainz concert and become friends with him and then ask him if he needs a babysitter and if he does move to Atlanta, GA. and become that babysitter and then maybe just MAYBE you can become friends with 2 Chainz one day.
All that was needed to be said on this has been said.
Some would say that there is no “best” spring break plan or experience. But there definitely is. I just single-handedly gave you the 10 steps you need to accomplish in order to have the “best” spring break. This article is not biased at all–this is all fact. Hard, scientific, proven fact. I wish you all luck ,and may the best Swarthmore student win. But, may the better Swarthmore student choose how to spend their 2018 spring break.

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