Athlete of the week: Bridget Scott

This past weekend, the Swarthmore Women’s Volleyball team made history, winning their NCAA regional bracket, and becoming the first team in Centennial Conference history to advance to the Round of Eight of the NCAA Division III tournament. Bridget Scott ʼ18, the outside hitter hailing from Media, Pa., has largely flown under the radar this past year stats-wise in comparison to her past years, but has been one of the most impactful players in Swat volleyball history over her Swarthmore career. The Delco native has been a two-sport athlete since her freshman year, lettering in both basketball and volleyball. Scott has been a key contributor on both the defensive and offensive ends and was honored by the tournament committee along with the four other seniors at the end of the Round of 16 match versus Johns Hopkins. The Garnet continue dancing in the Round of Eight in Grand Rapids, Mich. on Thursday, Nov. 16 against Wittenberg University, the #1 seed left in the tournament.

Ping Promrat: What is your major, and what are your plans following graduation at Swarthmore?

Bridget Scott: I am a biology and educational studies special major with an environmental studies minor. My plans post graduation are still in the works, but I am really interested in exploring the intersection of sustainability and urban planning, or pursuing the study of sustainability in higher education.

PP: Describe what it felt like to beat Johns Hopkins, particularly after the disappointments the team has faced against them in the Centennial Conference finals the past two years.

BS: That was the sweetest part of Sunday! Beating Hopkins was a huge accomplishment for us, especially after the disappointment of losing to them twice this year. What I’m most proud of from that match was our ability to hold our team identity and the integrity of our team values. We really played Swat volleyball against them.

PP: You have been described by many as the heart of the team. What do you believe you contribute best on and off the court?

BS: I’ve played on a lot of teams in my life, and we show so much love for each other on this particular team. I think I show that I care, whether that be on or off the court. I really see my role as a motivator. I’m like the mom of the team!

PP: What is it like being a two-sport athlete at Swarthmore?

BS: I knew that when I was coming into college that I wanted to play two sports. Having that opportunity along with going to such an amazing school is something that I’m so incredibly grateful for. However, it hasn’t been easy! Regardless, I really value the two sports for the differences and similarities that come along with them, and the ability to spend so many hours of the week with two amazing groups of players

PP:  What got you into both volleyball and basketball as a kid?

BS: I started playing volleyball as a kid. My mom was my first coach back in grade school, and I loved it. I’ve been playing basketball all my life too, starting from a very young age, and continuing throughout school. I’ve been so lucky to have such amazing coaches like Harleigh [Chwastyk, the Women’s Volleyball coach] who have really showed me how powerful sports can be. Additionally, being from just down the road has been so great in my college experience. All my old coaches and teammates have been all over my Facebook wall since Sunday, and having that support so close to you is so important to me.

PP: If you could change one thing about Swarthmore, what would it be and why?

BS:I wish more people would say hello when they walk by each other on campus! We have a great sense of community at Swarthmore, but I think it can be strengthened even more. Sometimes, I think we can become preoccupied with the day-to-day little things and lose track of the larger community. People need to laugh more, and lighten up!

PP: Do you believe we can win it all? What are your expectations for the quarterfinals? Swarthmore Volleyball, DIII National Champions has a great ring to it!

BS: Absolutely! This is an amazing opportunity where we are right now, and we have great momentum. My motto for last weekend was, “Let’s go out there and break some hearts.” I really believe we have yet to reach our full potential, and I hope we can do that come Thursday. Anything is possible!

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