Horoscopes: How to Access your Inner Power

Hey, I know your future. So listen up.
There’s great opportunity ahead of you, Aries, but try not to take on too much. While your ambition is ultimately a strength, make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew. Times ahead will test your patience, but you may find further inner power while waiting. Find the humor in the moments ahead, as that will be a source of power for you. Get your groove on by going to a party — people like you at parties — and listening to some 80’s music (Bobby Brown could be your guy).
So we all know you’re a strong one, Taurus. But don’t get cocky about that, because you’re strong in this bullish sort of way and not in a cute Ellie Kemper sort of way. No matter the problems that may come your way this week, focus on those that involve sympathy. Your truest strength lies in your ability to feel for others, and help them in times of need. If you do this now, you will be rewarded with personal triumphs in the future. So Mary Poppins it up and help some people.
Times are a-changing, my Gemini friend, and your adaptability will be tested. You will encounter minor and large transitions in the near future, and your initial instinct is going to be irrational and dramatic. Calm it down, Gemini. Try to welcome serenity into your life. Be generous to yourself, and let time heal the craziness. Strength will not come to you unless you rest enough in advance. Don’t be afraid to eat indulgently in the near future; comfort food could very well save you from erratic behavior. Remember that you need to spend time on yourself before you spend time with others.
Cancer, you need to get out more. While home usually feels safe to you, staying in too long will lead to suffocation and depression. Don’t be afraid to explore the outside world and leave your comfort zone. Once you do get out, you will likely feel afraid to share your feelings and be yourself. But don’t be annoying that way, just be yourself. Listen to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and get out there! You will find strength in your freedom.
Leo, you’re low key freaking out right now. You’re usually strong, centered, and sure of yourself, but things are getting dicey these days. The first thing you need to do is reinstate your confidence in yourself, because that’s truly where your power lies. From there, you will be able to reach your usual flow and full potential. Make sure you are feeling empowered and motivated for the days ahead. Also, forgive anyone who you may have slightly wronged you in recent times. This will free you tremendously.
Sweating the small stuff will get you nowhere, Virgo. At the moment, you are likely a bit too caught up in obsessing over minor details that are not of real relevance to your personal success. Your greatest strength is your mind, but it’s currently being bombarded with your micromanaging and obsessions. Once you calm your brain down and put your priorities in place, you will be able to get work done effectively and move forward. Listen to some upbeat music and feel motivated.
Find something good to watch on Netflix and grab a snack because you need a night in, Libra. You’re used to being the life of the party and socializing easily, but that’s tough these days. Honestly, you’ve pushed yourself a bit too much. Take some time for yourself and build up the power you need to take on the world. There’s no shame in spending a little time watching TV. Maybe watch something happy and bubbly like “Lady Dynamite.”
You’re deeply worried about matters you can’t control, Scorpio. You’re questioning and stressing over things that a single person cannot possibly take on alone. Now is a time to establish further faith in the world. Attempt to have a glimmer of optimism about things. It’s also time for you to look to others for support. While you may have always been respectful of other people, now you need to actually trust them. Look away from the news for a little while and start watching puppy or kitten videos online.
Think it through, Sagittarius! Your recklessness will hinder your journey in the upcoming days, that is, if you don’t control it. You can at times be optimistic to a fault, so make sure you know the difference between trust and blind faith. Find it in yourself to plan and follow a schedule a bit more, as this will center you in the days to come. While organization may not come naturally to you, it’ll help unleash your strength.
Your organization skills will be necessary, my uptight Capricorn friend. The days ahead are going to seem chaotic and scattered. Your job is to do what you need to do to feel organized and in control. Once you have that covered, you will build a streamline of positive energy into your life. So embrace your natural uptightness; it’s who you are and it’s how you’ll find your strength in the upcoming days.
Don’t listen to what others say about you, Aquarius. It is well within your ability to not care about people’s opinions about you, so embrace that in the coming days. You’re badass all by yourself! In order for you to find inner strength, you must cast aside any notions others may have about you. Once that’s covered, things are looking up! You may also want to sit by a window and watch the snow for a while, the peacefulness could do you wonders.
Pisces, now is a time to shut up your inner child and be an adult. The days to come will be wonderful if, and only if, you are able to be grownup about things and handle them professionally. Now is not the time to procrastinate! Get things done now and you will be rewarded greatly in the future. Personal power will also further come to you through interactions with others, so put down your phone and talk to people.

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