Yet another bad decision, poorly made

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We are tired, very tired, of running editorials about alcohol policy. But just as the administration finishes one round of policy pronouncements, it begins another. Alas, we write again.

As stated in a staff editorial published just over a month ago, we believe that the college at large must be consulted about potential changes to reach mutually satisfactory results. Yes, we need to examine our drinking culture. Perhaps a change is merited. And maybe we could stand behind the college’s new Halloween policies. But oh, how we hate to be left in the dark.

This change, like those before it, seems arbitrary and futile. Had Halloween been simply BYOB, that would have been understandable: this would be a way to limit the college’s liability. Instead, we are told that Bring Your Own Beer really means Give Us Your Beer and We Can Give It Back. Or wine, that’s fine too. But not both. And only so much. And you have to drink it here. What could be the point of this? Let us consider the issue of flasks, as the college has evidently not. Will students be searched to prevent disallowed alcohols from entering the dance floor? Or is this just so much posturing?

As with previous changes, we worry that this may put an excessive burden on RAs. If this rule is strictly enforced, the bulk of drinking on campus will occur in the halls. Pregames are, duh, not official parties and no trained party officials have to be present. In the dorms, when medical attention is necessary, it is the RA who must be there, dropping everything else. Make no mistake, we are glad that RAs provide support to residents and believe that, overall, they do an exceptional job of creating safe environments. But it is not fair for us to force RAs to deal with an excess of drunk students.

Most of all, we are frustrated because we cannot understand why these changes in particular have been made, and why no one thought to consult us. For a college so in love with committees, where is our representation? And why is it so afraid of asking first? The administration owes us its reasoning, yet it will not budge.

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