Postcards from abroad: Julian Randall

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Dear Campus Journal,

My experience abroad has so far been unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced! As a few people back home and at Swat know, this is my first trip outside the country, so everything from customs, to inflight movies, to the cars going on the wrong side of the road, is all totally new to me. I’m currently at Goldsmiths, a branch of University of London, which is in a cool little neighborhood called New Cross, in the southern part of London. The college itself is really cool and has a very different feel from back at Swarthmore.

Currently, I’m taking two classes each in the Sociology and English departments and they give me lots of chances to explore the area. One of my classes has me doing a project taking pictures of cool street art and graffiti from the top level of London buses, which has been pretty awesome. When I’m not doing that, I go salsa dancing, and have been working on a submission for a TV show called Verses and Flow that I’m hoping to be on. So look for updates for that!

Love, Julian


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