Once Worn Consignment not worth multiple trips


Once Worn Consignment

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
910 N 2nd Street
Philadelphia PA 19123

Once Worn is located in Northern Liberties and has a small selection of consigned clothing for both men and women as well as trendy accessories. It is perfect for anyone looking for deals with basic, but mostly in search of vintage finds.

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My trip to Once Worn Consignment turned out to be a bit of a short lived roller coaster ride. You know, the ones in which you are a bit hesitant at first. It might not look as safe or promising as you are about to enter, but once you get in you find the first few moments of the ride a tad boring until you realize that they are only warming you up for the good part. But, sadly, when you are finally enjoying it you  realize that it is over.

Upon entering the shop, you are immediately encountered by the microscopic men’s section which is most definitely not to die for.

I had thought that the shoes section of Once Worn would have been an “OH-MY-GODthose-are-actually-great-vintage-Ferragamos,” and the handbag section would have been more like “I-can’t-believe-everything-is-spotless-and-look-at-this-gorgeous-Rebecca-Minkoff-morning-after-clutch.” Maybe I had too high of an expectation or maybe it was a bad day.

Much of the clothing that is currently available is not up to season. While other stores have already prepared for the fall season ahead, much of the merchandise here does not reflect the weather to come ahead. The men’s section had jackets and buttondowns while the women’s tops section was mostly composed of tank tops and short-sleeve blouses far from the color scheme for fall.

Unlike other consignment shops and thrift stores, Once Worn seems to attract an array of customers and from what it seemed, satisfied them all. It does not seem to aim to cater one specific style preference. Do not be fooled, though, there is a caveat emptor. I would only recommend this shop to those who wish to search for a thing or two for their wardrobe and not to those who are looking for a new  wardrobe.

As I said before, things started to get better as time passed. In the designer brand section, you can find clothing, shoes and handbags at fairly low prices. One impressive find included a Kate Spade magazine tote for your low price of $60. Although there may be great merchandise, do not be surprised if this section does not exceed one clothing rack.

That being said, like the rest of the small business, every section is condensed. This disappointing downfall really had me questioning whether or not it was worth the hour or so long trip from campus.

Although there are many complaints that could be said about the small consignment shop, according to a few customers, actually consigning your clothes here is a big pay off. Hearing this, I decided to try it out myself. I bought thirteen items, all for the fall, including sweaters and blouses, and I was able to consign ten of them.

Once Worn states that if your clothing sells within 60 days of being on the racks, you receive 40% of the price for which it was sold. If not, you can choose to pick up your remaining clothing or donate it. A fine line in that agreement includes that the merchandise price is 20% less if it does not sell within the first 30 days. I am keeping my fingers cross that I’ll receive a few checks next month!

All in all, this is a store that I would return to, but not definitely not run to.

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