Christina Obiajulu ’12

Swat Style Snapshot: Lingustics, Westfield, NJ, Parrish

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Her Current Outfit:

Obiajulu has sourced every component of her outfit from different thrift stores. Her cream colored, lace blouse is from Goodwill on South Chester Road. Because the shirt is cropped, she has tucked it into a pair of high-waisted shorts. “I’m not a fan of the stomach-out type of look,” she said. She recently purchased the peach shorts during spring break, which she spent in Miami. Gold accessories, which are a staple for Obiajulu, feature heavily in her current outfit. The gold-plated watch is from Paris, whereas her statement earrings, a gift from her mother, come from a thrift store in their hometown. Purchases from Europe round out her outfit, such as her Oxford-style brogues from Barcelona and woven belt from Scotland. For Obiajulu, make-up is an integral part of an outfit and she displays bright nail and lip color. The mint green nail polish, which she had manicured in Miami, is a long-standing favorite shade of hers. Obiajulu’s bright, opaque pink shade is by M.A.C, her favorite lipstick brand. “This one reminds me of Barbie at the beach,” she said.

On Thrifting:

Obiajulu is a fan of thrifting and shopping at consignment stores due to the ability to purchase unusual items that are not obviously in trend. Other than the individuality that thrifting allows, she finds hunting for purchases rewarding. “I like when I find something good because I feel like I really had to work for it,” she said. Consignment shopping is a pastime that she indulges in wherever she travels. According to Obiajulu, Google search have allowed her to locate consignment stores easily wherever she travels.

International Fashion Influences:

Obiajulu’s wardrobe reflects her travel experiences, especially those in Europe. In keeping with her love of thrifting, Obiajulu expanded her wardrobe with vintage and consignment purchases made abroad. “I love thrift stores in other countries because you get such good stuff [that is] high quality and always so unique.” The summer after her sophomore year she studied French in Paris. The simple elegance of the typical Parisian style left an impact on Obiajulu who describes the way Parisians dress as “an art form.” As a junior, Obiajulu studied in Barcelona during the spring semester. According to the linguistics major, she noticed a composite of clothes worn by the locals, ranging from very trendy to dated garments from the ’90s. However, Obiajulu noticed distinct styles such as color blocking — strategically juxtaposing contrasting colors — which left a lasting impression on her. “I think the vibrant feel of the culture influenced me to wear more colors and be bolder,” she said.

Trends and Personal Style:

“Kind of girly, kind of alternative,” is how Obiajulu describes her personal style. She enjoys displaying a blend of trends, prints and colors, making it difficult to neatly categorize her style. Regardless of the trends she displays, for Obiajulu, well fitting clothes is paramount. She favors Levi’s Curve ID, the iconic denim brand’s recently launched fit system. Obiajulu wears Bold Curve Levi jeans, that are not only durable but also fit her “perfectly.” Her penchant for well-fitting clothes deters Obiajulu from shopping online due to the disadvantage of purchasing clothes without being able to try them first.
Obiajulu has begun embracing the warmer weather by wearing bright colors in time for the spring season. Her favorite trend of the moment is color blocking, “I like it because it’s not the norm. You have to have a bold essence about you to pull it off well,” she said.

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