Vice-President, Adriana Popa ’12

As the Facebook “You Know You Go To Swarthmore When…” page so eloquently puts it, the knowledge that a day has, in fact, 28 hours, entitles a Swattie to make such delightful comments as “Oh, but it’s only 3 AM!” Upholding the tradition of my Swarthmore predecessors (and honoring the recently released Harry Potter movie and the Swarthmore delegation sent to cement our allegiance), I am currently bent over my keyboard, whispering to myself and moving my fingers chaotically, casting that mysterious, yet ever so necessary and well-known to Swatties 3 AM spell entitled “Applying”. Now on to the technicalities: location: Mertz 1st. Laptop: HP Pavilion DV 2700. Subversive goal # 1: presenting my platform for the StuCo Vice-President position. Subversive goal # 2: proving that the bell tower clock actually skips two 15 minutes ping-pangs between 3:30 and 4:00 AM (a personal theory).

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