Email List, Sharples, and Future Events

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

The Phoenix

Three members of the Phoenix were present at this week’s StuCo meeting in Parrish Parlors to address the issue of receiving the student mailing list.

The members of the Phoenix stated that they are a publication that had needed to keep their journalism as up-to-date as possible and keeping up with the times as they move into a time of the Internet. They have decided to incorporate the use of the web to expand their capabilities and to reach a wider range of audience.

They now have a website that has been funded by several sources, including SBC. They have devoted a lot of time and effort on their website, and wish to retain the student mailing list to send out as the Daily Gazette has. With the mailing list, they would then send out a campus-wide email once a week (every Thursday) with their latest stories. Their current prototype has an “opt-in” option to subscribe to the website. However, they would like to move toward an “opt-out” system in which a weekly email would be sent to the entire campus unless the receive chose to unsubscribe.

The Phoenix requested that the Student Council vote on submitting their resolution further to Dean Braun; however, Student Council voted against it.

As an alternative, settled through a vote, Student Council would send out only one campus-wide email introducing the Phoenix website that students would then have to subscribe to in order to receive emails.

Breakfast Update

Sunday Breakfast (Continental Breakfast) will start next semester at 10:00am. The time was decided through a survey, in which the majority of respondents chose a range of 9:30-10:30am.

The potential for student workers during that period of time will be further discussed.

Bike Share

The Bike Share Program will be running again by November 1. The revamped program will include 10 bikes and a system for bike repairing (through a new contract with Jeff Cao ’10).

Meeting with Dean Braun

StuCo discussed and planned for the Study Break at Dean Braun’s house at 3:00-6:00pm on October 29, 2010. Members also discussed past Board of Managers Luncheons and asked questions including what lunch format worked the best, should they do specific group lunches. and were different campus groups were invited.

There is a Fireside Chat on Monday October 25th at 7:30pm in the Scheuer Room. Rebecca Chopp will be giving a PowerPoint presentation and having questions after. The event is open to everyone, which will therefore allow a greater pool of opinions.

Online Forum System

An online forum system (like that of Haveford’s) is being created for Bryn Mawr and was offered to Swarthmore as well. It is a discussion board style space for the community to discuss any issue openly. Further discussions will be held regarding the use for it, whether or not people will participate, and how it would be publicized. Members of Student Council will look into it further for the next meeting.


Conversations of having Swarthmore students’ meals and points apply to stores in the neighboring Ville have been brought up. Director of Dining Services Linda McDougall says that if that could be done, it would cause a significant increase in the price of the meal plan.

Suggestions of having more local and organic foods were also answered with the fact that a good portion of Sharples’ food already incorporates local and organic foods.

The next steps involve talking to the Vice President of Finance for information gathering about a specific case in which Hobbes wanted to collaborate with Swarthmore’s meal plan but did not like the price offer.

StuCo members will contact Linda McDougall and the person in charge of labeling food to discuss the way the local and organic foods are advertised and labeled. In general, there will be talks about making Sharples more transparent to students.

Other Topics

A leaflet for the Student Council Digest #1 was made and to be posted in the bathrooms across the academic buildings.

Rearranging the Parrish board space is a tedious task that needs to be regulated. There was a suggestion that perhaps the board space should be redistributed every year or every two years. Student Council decided to have further discussions on how to handle the board space and draw a plan to present and vote on.

The details for the Alumni Council in two weeks were being discussed in terms of arranging the space and inviting the attendees. They’ll have to discuss academic/course diversity and figure out what the main focus for the event/discussion will be.

The Phoenix

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