Payment for StuCo Members and StuCo Elections

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Making StuCo Positions Paid

StuCo discussed the pros and cons of making StuCo positions paid. Rachel Bell ’10, President of Student Council, suggested that making the positions paid would “broaden the list of people who potentially could serve.” StuCo is planning to collect data or anecdotes to show that, historically, financial concerns have limited the number of students running for StuCo positions. On the other hand, administrators have voiced concern over whether payment for StuCo members would put pressure on the administration to fund other student groups.

StuCo members also suggested that StuCo positions be paid from the Student Activities Fund. Still, most members agreed that this could be problematic because StuCo oversees the Student Budget Committee, which allocates the Student Activities Fund; StuCo also has the ability to overturn SBC decisions. It was also suggested that the cost of paying StuCo be split between the administration and the Student Activity Fund.

Most of StuCo agreed that the student body should have the chance to voice an opinion before any decision about funding is made. StuCo plans to create a survey to judge whether or not the student body thinks that StuCo positions should be paid and also to hold a forum where students can voice their opinions in the near future. StuCo is also planning to write an editorial listing the pros and cons of paying StuCo members.

StuCo also plans to collect data on what other schools similar to Swarthmore do to compensate their Student Council members.

StuCo Elections

StuCo hopes to have students voting for new StuCo members by the third week in April. Still, StuCo hopes to know whether StuCo positions will be funded next year before position openings are publicized.


  • StuCo Lounge will be held on Tuesday, March 30th. The discussion will center on the potential payment of StuCo members.
  • The King of Prussia shuttle will be doing trial runs, hopefully this weekend and the weekend following. Interested students should sign up for the shuttle on the StuCo bulletin board in Parrish.
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