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Dean Larimore Meeting and Security Issue

StuCo President, Yongjun Heo ’09 and StuCo VP, Nate Erskine ‘10, recently had their biweekly meeting with Dean Larimore and discussed the security issue of light on campus. While lighting would be ideal for main paths on campus, there is concern about too many lights. Erskine explains, “We want to keep the wattage relatively low because bright lights can harm peripheral vision.” Student Groups Advisor, Chris Green ’09, also suggested a lighting path to Mary Lyon and lighting at the fieldhouse. Blue lighting was also brought into the discussion and there are strategically placed blue lights on campus (for example, near the SEPTA station). However, worries about misusage and pranks prevent a more extensive blue lighting program.

Student Communications to the Incoming President

Heo proposed the concept of encouraging students to write letters of their opinions, perspectives, and outlook of Swarthmore campus life to the incoming President of Swarthmore College. Heo elaborates, “The idea is to write something up for the President to guide him/her with a student voice.” Ambar La Forgia ’11, Campus Life Representative, is placed in charge placing 4-5 large poster boards in Shane Lounge to encourage students to write personal welcoming messages to the incoming president.

Update on Recipe Content

The winners of the Dining Services Recipe Challenge will be announced sometime next week. There were ninety-five submissions; Dining Services will handpick a couple of recipes as the finalists and StuCo will select the grand prize winner. There was a short, contentious discussion between Green and Erskine about whether students who have copied and pasted recipes from the internet are disqualified from the monetary prizes.

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