Paying Committee Members, Dining Services, and Elections

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Election Week

This upcoming week is Student Council elections. After the platforms are turned in on Monday night, StuCo will hold a Meet and Greet meeting for Swarthmore students at 8 PM in Kohlberg (coffee and doughnuts will be provided). On Thursday the 13th, students can start voting online; on Monday and Tuesday, students can vote by paper ballot in Sharples.

Continued Discussion on Payment of Committee Members:

Student Council members continued their discussion about the plausibility of paying committee members. StuCo president Yongjun Heo ’09 revealed that if every committee head, StuCo, SAC, and SBC member were to be paid, the cost would be approximately five to seven thousand dollars. Moreover, if every committee member were to be paid, approximately 30000 dollars will be taken out of the budget. Student Council members all agreed that these costs may pose a heavy burden on the budget. Student Groups Advisor Chris Green ’09 suggested that this proposal “is not fiscally responsible.” VP Sven Udekwu ’09 recommended an open forum for all Swatties to discuss the issue further while Appointments Chair Nate Erskine ’09 wants to postpone this idea until Spring Semester.

Dining Service Improvements:

Changes in the Dining services plans will most likely be postponed to spring semester. Following the dining services forum, StuCo members talked about ways to improve the food quality and meal services at Swarthmore. Green believes that the students’ complaints about Sharples largely center on the way the food is prepared. He suggested holding events like a “Create Your Own Bar” contest at Sharples to encourage students’ active input. Based on the good feedback on Sharples’ November 6th local foods night, Heo ’09 proposed that Sharples provide local food to students on a daily basis. However, in order for this proposal to be implemented, Sharples would need to hire several students to transport and prepare the local foods.

Miscellaneous Notes:

– StuCo will host a 10-1 study break on Dec. 4. It will serve as an informational session about the 10-1 campaign. Hot chocolate, apple cider, graham crackers, etc will be served.

– A new Security Committee will be started in the Spring Semester.

– Heo will contact the Worth to address their “No news is good news” STD test result policy.

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