Upcoming Elections and Committee Member Payment

Editor’s note: This article was initially published in The Daily Gazette, Swarthmore’s online, daily newspaper founded in Fall 1996. As of Fall 2018, the DG has merged with The Phoenix. See the about page to read more about the DG.

Spring Semester Elections

Student Council discussed the upcoming dates for Student Council elections for spring semester. Starting Monday, November 3rd, Student Council candidates will begin to campaign and platforms are to be turned in to the Daily Gazette the following Monday the 10th. On Wednesday the 12th, there will be a Meet & Greet the Candidates and Vice President Debate Forum; this event will be devoted to a Question and Answer session for all the candidates. Online voting will be held from Thursday the 13th to midnight on Friday and Sharples voting will take place on Sunday and Monday.

Student Council members also discussed possible ideas to encourage and advertise their positions. Suggestions included an arm-wrestling extravaganza or a free-cash giveaway; however, StuCo members decided on a Sharples get-together on Thursday, Nov. 6 where students can ask them questions about their positions in the central fireplace room.

Possible Payment of Hired Committee Members

For the possible payment of hired committee members, Student Council discussed the logistics and financial problems that could arise. Fletcher Coleman ’09, Student Budget Manager, attended this meeting to provide background context as well as suggestions on how to pay members. After the logistics of this issue are further examined, StuCo will decide whether payments should be implemented across-the-board for every committee or be specialized according to the nature of each committee.

Appointments Chair, Nate Erskine ’09 raised the question if these committee positions and their payments could be tied to workstudy. Due to their lengthy time commitment and possible meeting/work hour overlappings, these committee memberships could “serve as deterrent[s] to a certain demography of people,” argued Chris Green ’09, Student Groups Advisor. However, Ayanna Johnson ’09, Education Policy Representative contends that students should be able to do both; also, the use of Student Activities funding to provide financial aid becomes an issue if this payment is related to workstudy.

Miscellanous Notes:

  • This Saturday, SBC and StuCo will sponsor the annual Halloween party in the Sharples central fireplace room.
  • Joan Kim ’10, Campus Life Representative, plans to create a comprehensive student job report that provides descriptions of job options at Swarthmore.
  • StuCo discusses the formation of a new committee on campus public safety.
  • For Swarthmore’s Dining Meals Services, a panel of Stu Hain, Linda MacDougal, and Dean Larimore will discuss the possible overhauling of the meal plan, change of the packaged goods at Essie Mae’s, and other ideas for change regarding dining services.
  • Sharples goes through 1/4 of a ton of bananas per day.


  1. As to hired committee members–is Student Council getting paid now? Refresh my memory, somebody.

    That's a lot of bananas.

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