Hence, it is your turn to fence

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If wielding swords is your type of amusement, head to the Fencing Club. The Fencing Club joins the leagues of various other intramural sports at Swat. Hopefully the new fencing club will fare better than its predecessors “The SwarthButlers,” a previous attempt at a team for fencing. While the SwarthButlers focused on tournaments, the new fencing club will focus on instruction. “We’re more focused on teaching people how to play and how to learn the sport” adds Ben Blonder ’08.

Be prepared to add pounds of weight with the protective gear for fencing. Fencing requires jackets and knickers, along with long socks, a mask, and gloves. Swat will supply the protective gear as well as the swords. The Fencing Club will use swords of foil rather than the epee or slightly curved saber.

Though primarily focused on intramurals, competition may come into play. The Fencing Club has received a budget that allows for competitions. The team can compete at the Temple Open, which is a competition that hosts teams from the Northeast.

The Fencing Club gathered many signatures of students who are interested in playing. The club is open to both novices and those who are experienced. For more professional training, Pixie Roane, who was a bronze medalist at the United States Fencing Championship will coach the club. On either Sunday or Wednesday, head to the Field House track for more experience to unleash your introverted sword wielder.

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