Thursday, May 6, 1999

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Thursday, May 6, 1999
Volume 3, Number 127


1) Gazette wraps up its fifth semester

2) World news roundup

3) Campus events


1) Men’s tennis hosts Eastern Regionals

2) World sports roundup


Today: Cloudy, chance of showers.  Highs in the mid 70’s.
 So yeah, I’ve been having trouble picking my classes for next semester…

Tonight: Mostly cloudy.  Lows in the mid 50’s.
 Good thing I don’t have to worry about what I’m doing with the rest of my

Tomorrow: Partly sunny in the afternoon.  Highs approaching 80.
 Good luck, seniors – we’ll be thinking of you.


1) Gazette wraps up its fifth semester

The onset of finals brings with it the final installment of the Daily
Gazette for this semester.  But before we leave a few loose ends need to be

First off, to graduating seniors.  If you would like to keep your
subscription to the Gazette, and will be at a different email address,
please contact the Gazette at jheckel1 before the end of the semester.
Include your current address, as well as the address where you’ll be next
fall. If you don’t know what your address will be, you can wait until the
fall to re-subscribe.

Second, we’d like to hear your general thoughts on the Gazette.  How’d we
do?  Anything you’d like to see changed next semester?  We’re very open to
suggestions.  Anyone with final thoughts or suggestions can email jheckel1.

Third, we are still looking for more writers and editors for next semester.
There are openings in campus news, world news, sports and editing. Again,
anyone interested should email jheckel1.

The Daily Gazette wishes everyone good luck on finals, and a safe trip home
(or wherever you’re going).  Extra-good luck wishes go out to the Class of
’99 as they grudgingly embark on the dangerous yet ultimately rewarding
trek into the land of real people.


2) World news roundup


One of the biggest business mergers is on the verge of becoming a reality
as AT&T is on the brink of a partnership with Microsoft.  AT&T bought out
Mediaone Group Inc. Wednesday, becoming the nation’s biggest
cable-television company, and the deal with Microsoft will increase the
computer-giant’s role as supplier to AT&T systems. The move will also
benefit Microsoft in that it will be a major avenue for the software giant
to move out of the world of computers and into mainstream public
communication. Skeptics are concerned about the future of competition. …A
National Guard search for missing bodies after the Oklahoma storms has come
up empty for the fifth straight day.  Thus far, 38 deaths as a result of
last week’s tornadoes have been confirmed, but up to 100 remain missing.
…Pennsylvania health officials report that they plan to begin offering a
stipend of about $300 to help families of organ donors cover their funeral


3) Campus events

Ballet class – Open to Public (John Sherman, instructor)
LPAC #3, 12:30 p.m.

Slowind Woodwind Quintet from Slovenia
Lang Concert Hall, 4:30 p.m.



1) Men’s tennis hosts Eastern Regionals

This weekend the men’s tennis team will host the NCAA Eastern Regional
Championships. The second seeded Garnet will host third seeded Trinity
College Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at the Faulkner Courts. A match with top
seeded Williams and fourth seeded Amherst will follow at 2:30. The winners
will square off on Sunday at noon for a trip to the NCAA Championships in
Claremont, CA on May 15 and 16.


2) World sports roundup


The NBA regular season ended Wednesday night, which means the playoff seeds
are finally in place.  Playoffs start this Friday.  Here are the matchups:


1 Miami Heat
8 New York Knicks

4 Atlanta Hawks
5 Detroit Pistons

3 Orlando Magic
6 Philadelphia 76ers

2 Indiana Pacers
7 Milwaukee Bucks


1 San Antonio Spurs
8 Minnesota Timberwolves

4 Los Angeles Lakers
5 Houston Rockets

3 Utah Jazz
6 Sacramento Kings

2 Portland Trailblazers
7 Phoenix Suns


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