Thursday, April 30, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Thursday, April 30, 1998
Volume 2, Number 129


1) SUCK brings TV back in style

2) World news roundup

3) Campus events


Today:     Overcast, rain likely. High near 75.
           Classes are winding down . . .
Tonight:   More rain possible. Low of 60.
           But it seems like the work is just getting started.
Friday:     Still more rain. High around 75.


1) SUCK brings TV back in style

S.U.C.K. (Swarthmore United for Cable Konsumption) is Swarthmore’s newest
campus organization and has dedicated itself to the promotion of television
watching on campus. According to their charter, they “hope to provide for
the enjoyment of cable television as a social event on the Swarthmore
campus through first its installation and subsequently through study
breaks, speakers, and promotion of TV events.”

The first item on SUCK’s agenda is to bring cable to dorm rooms. A petition
for cable was circulated, which recorded 460 signatures in favor of dorm
cable. After communication about the project with Myrt Westphal, she
directed the organization’s nascent membership to reassess student opinion
and gather the funds to pay for programming fees.

In order to more adequately handle the tast at hand, SUCK was chartered as
a campus organization, which allows them to apply for budget committe fund
appropriation. The idea was proposed to Larry Schall, Vice President of
Facilities, who favored cheaper DSS satellite technology over cable and
pledged $4000 to cover the cost of installation.

With charter in hand, the next stop is to the Deans to make an official
proposal, which may result in the Deans request for a more aggressive
rallying of student support. SUCK cannot apply for Budget Committee funds
until the committee meets again next fall and hopefully DSS will be
installed sometime soon thereafter. SUCK member Brendan Nyhan ’00 said,”We
ask that those who don’t themselves watch TV or believe that doing so is
valuable support the provision of a service that hundreds of students would
enjoy. On a campus with this many stressed out people and no student
center, we think we would help Swatties have a little fun and relax.”


2) World news roundup


In its first statement on the Northern Irish peace accord completed this
month, the Irish Republican Army declined to opposed the accord, saying
that while the agreement fell short of IRA objectives, it was
“significant”, and voters should make up their own minds about it. However,
the IRA did reject demands that it hand over its weapons and explosives,
saying that this decision should be an internal IRA matter. The IRA has
since last July obeyed a self-declared cease-fire in its efforts to
separate Northern Ireland from Great Britain.


The Senate Finance Committee heard a second day of allegations yesterday
that IRS officials had abused their powers over taxpayers while protecting
agency managers. Businessmen and lawyers testified about
unwarranted armed searches and overzealous raids on private residences,
while an official with the NAACP said that the agency had not properly
addressed allegations of racial and sexual discrimination involving
employees. IRS officials said that they could not respond to any of the
criticisms because they were not given the names of witnesses in advance
and thus could not obtain the privacy waivers necessary to discuss
individual cases.


National Celebrations began in Israel to mark the 50th anniversary of the
country’s independence in the modern era, as marked by the lunar calendar.
… The nation’s largest meatpacking firm, IBP, recalled more than a
quarter million pounds of ground beef after a sample from an Illinois plant
tested positive for E. coli bacteria. … On the third day of a nationwide
strike in Denmark, gasoline shortages have curtailed
transportation, a lack of materials is shutting factories, and striking
cleaning workers have forced hospitals to admit emergency cases only. …
Afghanistan’s two remaining warring factions have agreed to name 20 members
each to a government which will rule the country in accordance with Islamic
law. … Ceremonies took place in Costa Rica to commemorate the 50th
anniversary of the abolishment of its army.


3) Campus events

“Music 12 in Concert”…new student compositions performed
Lang Concert Hall, 4:30 p.m.

Book discussion: _An Altar of Words_, by Byllye Avery.
Scheuer Room, 4:30 p.m.

Lecture: sponsored by College Democrats, given by Marrieta Jaeger
DuPont Lecture Hall 7 p.m.

Award Presentation: William Plumer Potter Fiction Constest with a reading
by judge Toby Olson
Scheuer Room 7:30 p.m.



There were no contests yesterday and there will be none today.

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