Monday, April 6, 1998

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Monday, April 6, 1998
Volume 2, Number 111


1) College Bowl team kicks butt

3) Progressive Action Coalition takes off

4) World news roundup

5) Campus events


1) Varsity scoreboard

2) Intramural scoreboard

3) Today’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today:     Sunny early, some clouds later. High of 60.
            Well, parents’ weekend is finally over.
Tonight:   Mostly clear. Low around 40.
            Now Sharples can lose its pretensions of excellence.
Tuesday:  Sunny again. High near 65.


1) College Bowl team kicks butt

In a stellar triumph this past weekend at the National Academic Quiz
Tournament, Swarthmore’s delegation finished 11th overall and took the
undergraduate national championship. Made up of seniors Fred Bush and Joe
Robins, junior Ed Cohn and sophomore Josh Miller, Swarthmore beat out
Vanderbilt, Carleton and Yale to garner the undergraduate title. Because
the tournament encourages partcipation from all schools, the special
category was created to allow for uneven playing field created by having
graduates with extensive experience on the team. Undergraduate teams are
those teams that only have undergraduates, rather than those teams who
represent all-undergraduate schools. This was the first year that such a
title was given. A special Division II category was also created for those
teams who are made up entirely of players in their first year of

Cohn commented on this remarkable showing: “This was the biggest success in
our most successful year: we attended 12 other tournaments, one which we
won, and 4 in which we placed second. In the past, we’d only made the
finals of a tournament once.” While this championship team was made up of
only four students, Swarthmore’s College Bowl contigent has over 10
members; the choice of who went to the finals was a combination of
performance and availability to travel all the way to Nashville Tennessee
to compete at Vanderbilt University. While this is the last chance to
compete this year, the team feels proud of its unprecedented performance.


2) Progressive Action Coalition takes off

>From the firm belief that all liberal student activists on campus should be
working together came the Progressive Action Coalition, which is just
getting off the ground this semester. Students Gabe Cumming ’00 and Aarti
Iyer ’99 decided that liberal action on campus should be more unified.
Right now, the Coalition is gaining steam and gathering support as various
groups on campus join the effort. Cumming defined the purpose as “an
umbrella organization for liberal activist groups on campus [which] will
provide a forum for enhanced cooperation among activists whose interests
overlap. PAC’s goals include increasing knowledge of progressive activity
on campus, facilitating communication between various groups, and hopefully
providing more opportunities for inter-group coordination and campus-wide

According to Iyer, the pilot project of the Coalition is a bi-weekly
newsletter which covers events and projects directed by member
organizations. While not all activist groups are working with the
coalition, Iyer hopes that the snowball effect of increased participation
will continue. She particularly hopes that activist branches of the campus
support groups, such as HOLA en la lucha (HOLA in the fight), will elect to
participate. Iyer said “as long as they feel they share common ground [with
the goals of PAC] and could benefit from as well as help other groups, then
they are welcome to join.”

Right now the PAC includes: Amnesty International, Cooperative Involvement
of Volunteers in Communities (the umbrella group for community service
activities), Swarthmore Civil Liberties Union, College Democrats, Conscious
Consumers, Earthlust, Easter Forests and Mountains Conservation Project,
Feminist Majority, Pro-Choice Task Force, the activist wing of Swarthmore
Asion Organization, Student Labor Action Group, Students Promoting
Environmental Equity and Chester, Swarthmore Students for a Free Tibet, and
the Women’s Resource Center. To subscribe to the Coalition’s newsletter,
send an email to with “subscribe PAC” in the


3) World news roundup


On Monday, President Clinton will make permanent a temporary prohibition on
the importation of military-style rifles that have been modified in order
to avoid a 1994 assault weapon ban. Most of the affected guns are
variations of the AK-47 and Uzi semiautomatic.


The mother of Mitchell Johnson, the 13-year old Jonesboro, Arkansas boy who
is accused of killing five people in a school ambush, declared that the
attack was planned by Mitchell’s 11-year old cousin Drew Golden. She also
mentioned that Mitchell told her that the boys just meant to scare the
students and not actually kill anyone. Golden’s grandfather has stated that
Golden has said Mitchell instigated the attack.


Iran and Iraq exchanged nearly 1,600 prisoners of war. … A northern Miami
principal was arrested on charges of working for a cocaine ring that has
smuggled 11 tons of cocaine into the U.S. … Rob Pilatus, one-half of the
pop duo Milli Vanilli, died on Thursday after consuming alcohol and pills.


4)  Today’s campus events

Student art show
Parrish Griffin Gallery, 4 to 6 p.m.

Lecture: “From Race to Class: Intellectual Superiority and Silent Racism in
Peru, 1919 – 1992″ by Marisol de la Cadena, University of North Carolina
Chapel Hill.
Kohlberg Scheuer Room, 4:15 p.m.

Lecture: “The World Bank: An Insider’s Perspective on Changes in Bank
Policy in the Last Ten Years, and the Bank’s Goals in the International
Economy” by Tracy Hart, World Bank.
Kohlberg 115, 4:30 p.m.

Open meeting for students with Dean Canidate Bob Gross
Kohlberg lounge, 7:00 p.m.

Lecture: “Abortion: An Engagement with the Pro-Choice Arguments” by Dr.
Robert P. George ’77, Professor of Politics at Princeton University.
LPAC Cinema, 7:00 p.m.

Lecture: “Readings from Tibetan Poetry” by Glenn Mullin, internationally
renowned scholar & translator of classical Tibetan texts.
Kohlberg Scheuer Room, 7:30 p.m.

Roadmark Open Reading
Kohlberg 228, 8:00 p.m.



1) Varsity scoreboard


Men’s Baseball
 Washington 9, Swarthmore 7

 Swarthmore placed 21 out of 22 teams. Matt Kaufman ’01 led the squad
shooting an 81.


Women’s Softball
 Dickinson 5, Swarthmore 4
 Dickinson 20,  Swarthmore 0

Men’s Lacrosse
 Western Maryland 18, Swarthmore 9

Women’s Lacrosse
 Swarthmore 19, Dickinson 7
Thirdman Sarah Singleton ’99 scored her first goal of the year from
defense. Holly Baker ’99, Alicia Googins ’00 and Betsy Rosenbaum ’98 all
scored hat tricks.

Men’s Tennis
 Swarthmore 2   Williams 5
 Greg Emkey ’99 and Jon Temin ’00 won at #4 and #5 singles respectively.

Women’s Tennis
 Franklin and Marshall 8 Swarthmore 1
 Jen Pao ’01 won at #1 singles.

Men’s track and field
 Scores unavailable
 Salsbury State 1st, Swarthmore 2nd, Muhlenberg 3rd, Allentown and Loyola 4th
 Winners were Steve Dawson ’00 in the long jump and high jump, Kieth
Gilmore ’01 in the 400 meter dash, and Graham Lucks ’98 in the 5000 meter
run. The 1600 meter relay was also victorious.

Women’s track and field
 Swarthmore 94 Salsbury State 86 Allentown 34  Loyola 18 Muhlenberg 14
 Winners were Stephanie Herring ’99 in the long jump and 100 meter
hurdles, Catherine Laine ’98 in the triple jump and 400 hurdles, Danielle
Duffy ’98 in the 200 and 400 meter dashes, Daniell Wall ’98 in the 1500
meter run and Joko Agunloye ’01 in the 5000 meter run. Both the 400 and
1600 meter relays were victorious.

Men’s Ultimate
 Penn State A 13, Swarthmore 3
 Columbia 13, Swarthmore 3
 RPI 13, Swarthmore 5
 Swarthmore 13, Syracuse 9

Women’s Ultimate
 Swarthmore 13,  Penn State 0
 Swarthmore 13, Rochester 5
 Indiana 13, Swarthmore 10

Women’s Rugby
 Swarthmore 0  Eno River 0 — Swat lost in sudden death
 Swarthmore 32  Boston College B-Side 0
 Swarthmore 36  George Washington 0


Men’s Baseball
 Johns Hopkins 4, Swarthmore 2
 Johns Hopkins 19, Swarthmore 0

Women’s Softball
 Drew 11, Swarthmore 8
 Swarthmore 10, Drew 9
After losing the first game in extra innings, the Garnet women came back
from an 0-8 deficit to win the second game, going into extra innings again.
Highlights include, but are not limited to, a stellar showing by the
captains. Pitcher Dana Lehman ’98 threw the save of her life and hotbat
Michelle Walsh ’98 hit the fence twice as well as executing a spectacular
bunt-for-the-hit. This win comes as a huge reward for the women who have
struggled lately with many close games.

Men’s Ultimate
 Swarthmore 13, Penn State B 2
 Swarthmore 13, Cornell 5

Women’s Ultimate
 Swarthmore 9, Columbia B 6
 Yale 13, Swarthmore 6


2) Intramural scoreboard

 Bone Spurs 8, Gallagher’s Gang 6
 Bretl’s 5, B. A. To Be 3
 Willets Hoodlums a Forefeit winner over Faculty/Staff

 The Thundercats 66, The Autobots 43
 No Code 83, Apu de Beau Mar Chez 63

Flag Football
 Decepticons 8, The Volkswagons 3
 Double Forefeit: Murray’s & Westbrook’s Warriors

 YIELD a forfeit winner over Westbrook’s Warriors


3)  Today’s and tomorrow’s contests

Women’s tennis hosts Bryn Mawr for a 4:00 p.m. match.
Golf hosts Philadelphia Pharmacy, Textile and Eastern at 1:00.

Baseball travels to Franklin and Marshal for a 3:30 p.m. game.
Softball travels to Muhlenberg for a doubleheader at 3:00 p.m.
Volleyball travels to Rutgers for a 7 p.m. game.

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