Monday, September 15, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Monday, September 15, 1997
Volume 2, Number 11


1)  A big night for SC: morning shuttle routes, financial aid, and an election

2)  WSRN-FM Swarthmore to begin broadcasting today

3)  Unidentified man disrupts McCabe

4)   Tibetan monks rock Swarthmore

5)   150,000 evacuated in oil refinery blast; two military planes missing


1)  The weekend’s results

2)  Upcoming events


An article in Friday’s edition of The Daily Gazette incorrectly described
two students’ views on the safety tips regularly e-mailed to the student
body by Terri Narkin, adminstrative assistant in the Department of Public
Safety. Specifically, the article stated that Josh Kramer ’00 has written a
computer program to delete all e-mail from Narkin, when in fact his program
deletes only the safety tips. The article also implied that Elizabeth
Nickrenz ’99 was a supporter of Kramer. In fact, while she supports his
view that the safety tips should not be e-mailed to all students, she does
not support the use of a computer program to delete the tips automatically.

Weather Forecast:

Today:  Partly cloudy.  High close to 80.
           It probably won’t rain, but why believe me?
Tonight:  Partially overcast.  Low near 60.
            Partly cloudy again, but I’m tired of typing that.
Tuesday:  Alternating sunshine and cloudiness.  High above 80.


1)  A big night for SC: morning shuttle routes, financial aid, and an election

Student Council met last night and addressed topics ranging from new
shuttle routes, problems with financial aid packages, and an election to
fill the post of CRC Coordinator.

In an effort to accommodate students living in Mary Lyon, Palmer,
Pittenger, and Roberts Dormitories, the Student Council is investigating
the possibility of a morning shuttle service.

Jeannie Gallego ’00, head of the working committee responsible for the
issue, plans to email all the ML and PPR RAs to get an idea of the
prospective times that students would like to have the morning shuttle run.
Laura Barandes ’99, a council member and RA, plans to bring up the topic
for discussion in this week’s RA lunch on Friday.  Gallego will also meet
with Vincent Jones ’98, head of Budget Committee, on Tuesday to discuss
prospective cost figures.  Hopefully, the expenses of having a morning
shuttle will be paid through SAC.

The council also decided to analyse the financial aid packages that
Swarthmore offers and the various complaints which have come to their
attention.  According to some students, the financial aid packages decrease
substantially as time passes, so that upperclassmen receive less and less
aid, which has proven to be problematic for some students.

The bulk of the meeting was spent in discussion about the resignation of
Trang Pham ’00.  Ultimately, the council voted unamimously, with one
abstention from Josh Kramer ’00 who could not attend the meeting, that they
would hold an election to fill the position of CRC Coordinator.  Council
members were chiefly concerned with balancing time constraints with the
constitutionality of some proposals that would have been a violation of
SC’s Constitution but perhaps more pragmatic and expedient.  There will be
an election via computer which will occur in the coming weeks.  The CRC
Coordinator is primarily concerned with student space and the scheduling of
Sharples III for group meetings.


2)  WSRN-FM to begin broadcasting today

WSRN-FM Swarthmore, the college’s student-operated radio station, begins
its regular broadcasting schedule today at 6 p.m., according to Station
Manager Jordan Hay ’98 and Programming Director Jessica Howington ’98.

Seniors Charlie Mayer ’98 and Rob Eberhardt ’98 will kick off this
semester’s WSRN programming in the 6-8 p.m. time slot.  They describe their
show’s focus as “pre-Nirvana college rock.”  The station will continue with
rock music until 2 a.m. tonight.

WSRN’s license from the Federal Communications Commission requires that the
station offer programming not available on other area stations.  This
includes classical music (taking up much of the mornings), blues, jazz,
ska, rock, folk, world music, talk, and hip-hop.  The Daily Gazette plans a
partnership with Swarthmore Radio News, which hopes to begin thrice-weekly
shows next week.

DJs spent the weekend being trained by various members of the WSRN Board of
Directors in addition to cleaning the station and readying it for use.

Various changes have taken place since last semester. Mayer, who is the
station’s technical director, along with his assistant Brent Wasser ’00,
have cleaned out the Tech Office, filling the fifth floor of Parrish with
obsolete electronic equipment.  Mayer hopes to install several thousand
dollars’ worth of production equipment into WSRN’s Studio B within the next
month. In addition to the new technology, the music collection has also
been expanded to increase the variety of programming possibilities
available to DJs.

WSRN broadcasts at the frequency of 91.5 on the FM dial.


3) Unidentified man disrupts McCabe

An unidentified man last night approached a student studying in McCabe and
proceeded to engage her in a curious series of events.

After first asking the female student for help, she presumed for a book, he
led her to a study room, claiming to be conducting a survey.  He
purportedly was performing experiments concerning “rolfing,” a supposed
method of physical therapy which he said would help rid the body,
specifically in this case the arms, of lactic acid production.   He then
measured her arm length.

At this point, the student left the room and reported the incident to the
Head Librarian who then called Public Safety.  Public Safety then searched
McCabe but could not find the suspect.  Because Public Safety did not
question the female student until after they had searched the library, they
had no description to aid them in their search.

Public Safety had no official comment due to the late hour of the incident.


4) Tibetan monks rock Swarthmore

The monks of the Drepung Loseling monastery (formerly based in Tibet, now
in exile in India) performed before a packed house Friday night in the
Pearson Hall Theater of the Lang Performing Arts Center.

The monks were completing a full day at Swarthmore.  They had visited Don
Swearer’s class, “Buddhist Traditions of Asia,” and had conducted a lecture
and demonstration which was continually interrupted by the presence of
several hundred Swarthmore Elementary students.

For the evening concert, the nine Tibetan monks donned their ceremonial
clothes — including bright yellow-crested hats — and put on a music and
dance extravaganza.  Each act was a ceremony from Tibetan Buddhist
practice.  Some were lively and playful, such as the Yak Dance, which
featured enormous, comical yak costumes.  Most powerful, however, were the
chants, in which the monks sat facing the audience and sang in the style
they call “complete singing” — a single monk sings in three octaves at
once, the lowest a ground-shaking rumble.

Audience members seemed to agree that the monks’ performance was
incredible, but some expressed concern that these sacred Buddhist
ceremonies had been taken on the road as a sort of fundraising campaign for
the monastery.  Others reasoned, however, that Tibetan culture is in dire
straits and that adapting in order to preserve tradition was justified.
After the concert one of the monks described touring as tiring, but said
that seeing the world was very exciting.  And no, the touring monks don’t
spend all the time in the hotel with the TV on; they still get up to do
their 5 a.m. prayers every morning.

— Gabriel Cumming, special to the Gazette


5) World news roundup


Four oil tankers exploded at a refinery in southern India on Sunday
morning, killing at least 20 employees, injuring at least 100, and forcing
the evacuation of 150,000 residents of nearby villages. People living six
miles from the refinery heard the blast and saw the flames. The fire spread
to an adjoining naval installation in the port city of Visakhapatnam, and
firefighters told news organizations there was little hope of putting out
the flames before Monday. Local authorities were investigating the
explosion, which company officials said was an accident. The evacuees were
staying in three stadiums and in schools and colleges.


Two airplanes, one belonging to the German army and the other to the U.S.
Air Force, vanished Saturday over the Atlantic Ocean near Namibia, and
German and U.S. authorities said Sunday that the two aircraft may have
collided. The U.S. plane, a C-141 cargo transport, had a crew of nine and
was returning after delivering de-mining equipment to Namibia. The German
TU-154, inherited from the former East German army, had a crew of 10 and
was also carrying 12 marines and the wives of two crew members. It was en
route to Cape Town, South Africa. German, U.S., British, French and South
African forces were cooperating in the search for the missing planes.



1) The weekend’s results

The field hockey team traveled to Western Maryland Saturday to win 5-0 for
the Garnet’s 19th consecutive Centennial Conference victory. The scorers
were led by Lurah Hess ’99 with 2 goals. Holly Baker ’99, Julie Finnegan
’00, and Michelle Walsh ’98 scored 1 point each. Danielle Duffy ’98 had 2
assists; and Baker and Lynne Steuerle ’99 each had an assist. Jane Kendall
’00 and Lauren Hopkins ’98 were the goalkeepers for the shutout. The top
scorer for the season so far is Lurah Hess with 5 goals scored in 3 games.

The women’s soccer team’s 5-0 loss to Pomona-Pitzer Friday was followed by
a 1-0 win against Misericordia Saturday.  Sarah Jaquette ’98, assisted by
Kirsten Knox ’99, scored the only goal of the Misericordia game.
Goalkeeper Sari Altschuler ’01 made 11 saves for the shutout.  This win
brings the Garnet to a 2- 3 record for the season.

Sunday: Rowan 5, Swarthmore 1.  Swarthmore’s goal was scored by Austin
Harris ’99, assist by James Chen ’98. Friday: Swarthmore 2, Southwestern 1.
Swarthmore had the lead from the first half until the end of regulation
play when Southwestern scored with five minutes remaining.  The game went
into sudden death overtime, which ended after twenty-nine minutes when
Scott Samels ’99 scored his second goal of the game.  This was the Garnet’s
first win of the season.

Bethany triumphed over the Garnet Saturday in a 56-0 win.  Joe Aleffi ’00
gained 38 yards in 16 attempts; Mason Tootell ’99 caught 4 passes to gain
29 yards; and J.P. Harris ’99 went 8 for 21, passing for 61 yards and 4

In Haverford’s tournament Saturday, the women’s ultimate frisbee team
defeated Haverford Bucknell, and Delaware.  Their only loss was to U. Penn.

The men’s ultimate team was divided into 2 teams for Saturday’s home
tournament.  The A team won 3 out of 4 games and the B team won 0 out of 4

Bloomsburg Invitational results: Jon Temin ’00 and Peter Schilla ’01
advanced to the semi-finals in the C-flight, while Ben Geller ’01 advanced
to the semi-finals of the D-flight.

Wilmington 3, Swarthmore 0.  “Jenny Yang had a hitting streak that was just
phenomenal,” said Jordan Hay ’98.

2)  Upcoming events:

No sports events.

Field Hockey hosts Franklin and Marshall at 4:00 p.m. on Cunningham Field.
Volleyball travels to Franklin and Marshall for a 7:00 p.m. game.


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