Wednesday, April 30, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Wednesday, April 30, 1997
Volume 1, Number 63


1)  Swarthmore on the big screen

2)  Paces ends tonight


1)  Farneth named player of the week for baseball

2)  Women’s lacrosse notches another Hood point

3)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today: Sunny and nice.  High of 75.
      Enjoy it while you can; it will soon be just a memory.

Tonight: Increasing cloudiness, chance of rain late. Low of 50.
        Be sure to close the windows before going to sleep.

Thursday:  Overcast, possible thunderstorm. High of 70.


1)  Swarthmore on the big screen

Swarthmore students out at a recent movie got a treat: shots of the Sproul
telescope! Of course, they had to endure Matthew Broderick and Meg Ryan
while enjoying their footage; the shots were part of a trailer for the
upcoming movie, Addicted to Love, parts of which were shot here at
Swarthmore last semester.

Students were disappointed that it was so hard to recognize Sproul in the
footage: “It didn’t look like Sproul at all, said a disappointed Otavia
Propper ’00, “and I was looking for it too.” Said Joe Robins ’98, “I
recognized one of the scenes because I saw the way they set up Sproul, I
wouldn’t have otherwise.” The telescope, which was easy to spot, was the
reason the film crew came to campus: Sproul’s is a fine example of an older
style of telescope.

The movie trailer garnered mixed reviews. While Robins said it looked like
a decent romantic comedy, Chaos Golubitsky ’00 disagreed: “I’d watch it on
an airplane, but I wouldn’t spend money on it.”

Addicted to Love, which stars Broderick and Meg Ryan as jilted lovers
scheming to get back at the partners who have dumped them, was originally
scheduled to be released last Friday; it should be in theaters soon.


2)  Paces ends tonight

Paces, the student-run cafe, ends its spring season tonight. Chris DiLeo
’99, in charge of tonight’s Paces workers, says there aren’t any special
plans for going out with a bang: “some of our waiters might mix cocktails
for themselves. That’s about it.”

Patrons seem to be flocking to Paces; last night, Paces was quite crowded.
Said one slightly disgruntled patron, seated on a bar stool, “I had to wait
45 minutes just to get this stool. I couldn’t even get a chair!” DiLeo
agreed: “Last week there was a drop in attendance because of finals, but
this is the last week of Paces. More people are coming in.”

Putting too much of an emphasis on the final night takes away from the
Paces experience, said DiLeo. “Paces is an important part of some people’s
lives here; those seniors there for the last time ought to experience it as
it is.”



1)  Farneth named player of the week for baseball

Steve Farneth ’00 was named the Centennial Conference player of the week
for his fine pitching against Ursinus, both Tuesday and Friday, and
Haverford on Saturday.  This season, Farneth led the team in virtually
every pitching statistic, including wins (2, tie), saves (2), earned run
average (3.47), innings pitched (59.2), strikeouts (47), complete games
(7), and shutouts (1).  During the week, Farneth scattered four hits over
12 innings, allowing just two walks and striking out nine. He earned a save
in the Garnet’s 8-6 win over Ursinus Friday and an 8-0 no-hit win over
Haverford. The no-hitter was the first in conference history.


2)  Women’s lacrosse notches another Hood point

Swarthmore women’s lacrosse bought Swarthmore another point in the Hood
trophy race, beating Haverford yesterday in their last regular season game
15-9.  Holly Baker ’99 led the Garnet with six goals and one assist, while
Alicia Googins ’00 added three goals.  Swarthmore finishes the season with
a 11-5 record overall, and 7-3 in the Centennial Conference.

Hood trophy standings:  Haverford 9.5, Swarthmore 7.5 Men’s and women’s
track and field will determine the possession of the Hood trophy this
weekend in the Centennial Conference Track and Field Championships at
Franklin and Marshall.


3)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

There are no contests scheduled for today.

Men’s tennis hosts Bloomsburg at 3 p.m. in the last regular season game of
the year.


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