Tuesday, April 29, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Tuesday, April 29, 1997
Volume 1, Number 62


1)  Harambee plans finalized

2)  World news round-up


1)  The weekend’s results (continued):  men’s rugby, men’s and women’s ultimate

2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


Today: Mostly beautiful. High of 70.
          Put on sunscreen.  Go outside.  Stay there.
Tonight: Clear, cooler.  Low of 45.
             Go to sleep early so you can enjoy tomorrow’s weather.
Wednesday:  Partly sunny, warm.  High around 75.


An article in yesterday’s edition of The Daily Gazette failed to explain
the reasons why one member of Student Council was late to Sunday’s
SC meeting and another was absent. SC officially excused the absence of
Alyssa Rayman-Reed ’99 and the tardiness of Trang Pham ’00; Rayman-Reed
was home for Passover and Pham was ill. The same article also incorrectly
stated that SC member Frank Mote ’00 missed Thursday’s SC meeting. In
fact, he attended the meeting but left early.


1) Harambee plans finalized

This year’s annual Harambee festival will take place this Saturday.
Vincent Jones ’98 the Harambee Coordinator and has worked throughout the
year with a core committee of eight people to expand the festivities,
making it a substantially larger and more diverse event than it has been in
past years.

Over the past several months, Jones and the committe have been fundraising
and working out logistics.  There are going to be a number of vendors,
bands, crafts, as well as dance and dramatic performances.  Beginning at
noon on Saturday, Harambee will run until around 7pm that night.  The music
stage will be on Tarble lawn and feature live music ranging from Carribean
to Hip Hop to Gospel and everything in between.

Sharples patio will be home to the dance and theater stage which will
feature stiltwalkers to drill teams to plays.  Mertz lawn will host the
vendors and crafts, from snow cones to books to art projects to laser tag,
among others.

Harambee is sponsorred by 18 student, faculty, and college organizations
and foundations.


2)  World news round-up

Reports say that police beat protesters outside of a Jakarta courthouse
yesterday.  Protesters were angered by what they called an unfair trial and
called for an elections boycott.  Scuffles broke out and police responded
by beating protesters with clubs and kicking them.  Inside the courtroom,
five political activists were sentenced 7-13 years for subversion.  The
five were involved in a plot to overthrow former Indonesian General
Suharto, who has ruled since 1966.  Prosecuters plan to appeal for heavier

In Russia one person is left dead and twelve wounded after a bomb went off
in a North Caucasus region train station early yesterday.  A similar blast
at a southern Russia train station killed two last week.  The blasts are
being blamed on Chechnyan guerrilla commander Salman Raduyev. Raduyev
claimed responsibility for last weeks bombing.  He is working in the name
of Chechnya’s campaign for independance.

Yesterday Palestinians gathered to morn the death of Issam Aqabneh.
Aqabneh, an 18 year old high school senior, was killed in a clash with
Israeli soldiers Sunday in the West Bank.  Mourners shouted promises for
revenge and the sentiments were echoed by family members inside the
mourning house.  Aqabneh is the 7th Palestinian to die in clashes with
Israelis since March 18.



1)  The weekend’s results (continued)

Alumni 36, Swarthmore 15
Adam Booth ’00 scored two trys for the Garnet, and Tony Sturm ’99 added the
third.  Chaz Teplin, Jason Dougal, and Ricky Phillips were the most recent
graduates (1996) on the alumni team.  After the friendly game, Tobin Piker,
son of Professor Steve Piker, threw a party for the teams on Parrish Beach
in celebration of his wedding to be held the next day.  During the games on
the beach, Mike Madden ’95 won the keg toss.

Sectional Championships
  Swarthmore 13 Drew 2
  Swarthmore 13 Haverford 11
  Swarthmore 13 Lafayette 6
  Swarthmore 13 Carnegie Melon U. 3
  Lehigh 15 Swarthmore 12
  Princeton 15 Swarthmore 13
  Swarthmore 11 Penn State 9

Swarthmore’s Men’s Ultimate team took 4th at this weekend’s Sectional
Championship tournament in Princeton.  The Earthworms came out swarming on
Saturday, not letting a tight game with Ford keep them from winning their
pool, and drawing the first seed for the ensuing elimination rounds.  The
day was capped with an impressive elimination game against CMU.

Fate was not so kind on Sunday, as Swarthmore was subjugated to two narrow
defeats, first by eventual tournament winner Lehigh and then Princeton.  By
outscoring Penn State 11-9 in their last game, Swarthmore captured the 4th
seed for next weekend’s Regional tournament in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Sectional Championships
  Penn State 11, Swarthmore 9
  Swarthmore 7, Delaware 4
  Rutgers 11, Swarthmore 0
  Swarthmore 11, Drew 0
  Swarthmore 10, Princeton 7
  Rutgers 13, Swarthmore 2
  Haverford 8, Swarthmore 6

Swarthmore and Penn State traded points for most of the game with each team
playing at the top of their game.  Delila Leber ’98 was hot on defense, a
trend she continued throughout the tournament.

Swarthmore started Sunday with a victory against Princeton, Swat’s first
defeat of Princeton since the Warmothers were founded in ’94.  Continuing
their tight play, Swarthmore came out strong against Rutgers and
immediately took the lead.  Courtney Harter ’97 and Lena Lowenthal ’97
broke zone with their deadly hucks.

Swarthmore’s performance against zone strategy leaped to a new level this
weekend as handlers Gabi Kruks-Wisner ’99, Courtney, Lena, and Leslie Yen
’98 worked the disc up the field repeatedly throughout the tournament.  The
team voted Katy Harrod ’97 MVP for her outstanding performance: Harrod
scored 10 times, had 3 assists, 5 defensive blocks, and 8 layouts (both
defensive and offensive).  This weekend’s play earned the Warmother’s a
fourth place seed at Regional competition in Wilmington, NC next weekend.


2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

Women’s lacrosse travels to Haverford for a 4 p.m. contest.

WEDNESDAY (30 April)
There are no contests scheduled for Wednesday.



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