Tuesday, April 8, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Tuesday, April 8, 1997
Volume 1, Number 47


1)  Budget Committee hears spring budgeting proposals

2)  World news roundup


1)  Yesterday’s results:  women’s tennis, baseball, golf, men’s volleyball

2)  The rest of the weekend’s results:  men’s ultimate

3)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


1)  Budget Committee hears spring budgeting proposals

The Budget Committee held the first of its spring budgeting appointments
this past weekend.  After having submitted budget proposals for the ’97-’98
academic year, campus organizations met with the BC to propose and discuss
their new tentative budgets.

The committee convened for more than fifteen hours and met with over fifty
different campus groups seeking appropriations.  Several more groups are
scheduled to meet with the BC over the next two weekends.  After all the
groups have been assigned their tentative budgets, the committee reviews
the total appropriations and compares that figure to the sum controlled by
the BC.  If the BC finds that it has misappropriated by allotting too much
money, they will enact “across the board cuts” said Treasurer Vincent Jones
’98.  Final appropriations must be approved by Student Council.

There are ten students on the Budget Committee, with Jones serving as the
committee’s administrator.  The committee members vote on appropriations
and serve as liaisons to the campus organizations.  Each campus
organization is provided a liaison from the BC to help explain the proposal
process and to serve as an informed advocate for that group during BC

While the tentative budgets announced this past weekend were not as high as
some groups would have liked, other groups received notable increases in
funding.  The Pro-Choice Task Force, for example, had their transportation
costs changed from a non-integral status to an integral one.  Since the BC
deemed their escorting service a necessary part of the group’s activities,
more of their transportation costs will now be covered within the new
tentative appropriations.

Jones, who ran a comments survey of groups who have already had their
spring budgeting meeting, said, “Overall, people had very positive things
to say about the whole process.”

2)  World news roundup


A blizzard shut down most of the northern Plains on Sunday, spreading
blinding snow across Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana, and adding to the
worries of towns already ravaged by spring floods. Residents of towns the
Dakotas had only started to watch snow drifts melt from a record winter
when the storm hit, rebuilding all that had melted. In Breckenridge,
Minn., dikes failed along the Red River, pouring three feet of water into
the streets. Much of the water froze overnight, trapping people in their
houses. The combination of snow and flooding trapped many travellers on
their way across the plains, including one Amtrak train, two charter
buses, and an ambulance. No storm-related deaths have been reported.


Another Catholic church was burned in Northern Ireland Monday. The arson
took place near Tandragee, a predominantly Protestant town. The incident
is the third burning of a Catholic Church in three days, and follows the
burning of a Protestant church last week. The arsons come as “marching
season,” when Protestant-Catholic relations usually break down,
approaches. During marching season, around July and August, Protestants
march in celebration of their defeat of the Catholics. Catholics often
protest these marches, and last year two people were killed at protests
during marching season.

The world news roundup is produced by Swarthmore Radio News, which airs
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and midnight on WSRN 91.5 FM.



1)  Yesterday’s results

Swarthmore 7, Bryn Mawr 2
Wins came from Neena Shenai ’99 (#1 singles), Rani Shankar ’98 (#2
singles), Nga Lai ’97 (#3 singles), Wendy Kemp ’99 (#5 singles), Laura
Brown ’00 (#6 singles), Shenai and Shankar (#1 doubles), and Brown and Sara
Coe ’00 (#3 doubles).  The Garnet advance to 1-4 on the season.

Widener 34, Swarthmore 17
Jeremy Bonder ’97 and Andrew Lund ’99 each collected three hits. Carlo
Fitti ’00 scored four runs and drove in three for the Garnet.

University of Pennsylvania 341, Widener 352, Swarthmore 436

Rutgers-Camden d. Swarthmore 12-15, 15-2, 15-4, 17-15


2)  The rest of the weekend’s results

Penn State Tournament
Swarthmore 9 SUNY Albany 6
Swarthmore 13 Drew 6
Syracuse 13 Swarthmore 10
U. Mass 13 Swarthmore 4
Salisbury State 13 Swarthmore 10
Great performances were given by Handlers: Sasha Clayton ’98, Dave Sacker
’97, Mike Morton ’97, and Robin Mandel ’97; Mids:  Bob Yang ’97, Aaron
Hoffman ’98, Roger Bock ’99, Noam Unger ’99, and Vincent Pallaver ’00; and
Longs:  Dave Lewis ’97, Tim Sibley ’98, and Ben Wilder ’99.  With it’s
liquid offense and improving defense, the Swarthmore are definitely a team
to watch.  This weekend they will travel to Princeton for another
tournament, but the following weekend they will host a tournament for
parents weekend.


3)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

Baseball takes on Franklin and Marshall at home at 3:30 p.m.
Golf travels to the Gettysburg Invitational, which starts at noon.
Women’s lacrosse hosts Ursinus at 4 p.m.
Softball is at home for a double header against Mulhenberg at 2:30.
Men’s tennis travels to the College of New Jersey for a 3 p.m. match.

Men’s lacrosse hosts Franklin and Marshall in a 4 p.m. game.
Women’s tennis kick off a two-day home stand with a match against
Gettysburg at 4 p.m.


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