Monday, April 7, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Monday, April 7, 1997
Volume 1, Number 46


1)  “The Real Inspector Hound” Parodies Murder Mysteries

2)  SAC plans Spring Fling to celebrate end of classes


1)  The weekend’s results

2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


1)  “The Real Inspector Hound” Parodies Murder Mysteries

This weekend Drama Board presented Tom Stoppard’s “The Real Inspector
Hound,” a farcical whodunit that parodied both the stereotypical murder
mystery and the stereotypical theater critic. Directed by Elizabeth Glater
’97, it starred Mary Meiklejohn ’99 and Peter Murray ’00 as Moon and
Birdboot, terrifically pompous critics who sat facing the audience,
bickering while the mystery unfolded on the stage behind them.

Beth Wiles ’98 played the ubiquitous maid, shuffling very politely through
the manor house, somehow always managing to witness something interesting.
She was the first to encounter Simon Gascoyne, played swankly by Chris
Cutler ’00, who we were expected to believe was the “madman on the loose”
suspected of murder.

It seemed that both the stylish lady of the house Cynthia (Alisha Pennix
’97) and the perky little visitor Felicity (Anja Landis ’97) were in love
with Simon. Everything was complicated by the presence of Magnus, a
mysterious crippled relative, played with a lecherous smile and throaty
laugh by Omar Mencin ’97. When Simon was shot and Inspector Hound (George
Matula ’98) arrived on the scene with his physical antics, things got
really interesting.

The plot twisted and spun as the critic Birdboot decided actually to mount
the stage himself, and the whole cast proceeded to play the previous scenes
over again without even blinking, this time with Birdboot in the role of
Simon. Lusting after the leading lady, Birdboot didn’t seem to notice how
strange this was. Moon protested, but eventually joined in too when she saw
that someone she had wanted dead was, well, dead on the stage, and everyone
thought she was Hound.

Before it was all over, Magnus got up from his wheelchair (in a brilliant
spoof of surprise mystery endings) to declare that he was actually the
dashing, long-lost head of the household. By the end, the stories of the
theater critics and the English manor guests had completely merged, and the
audience was in stitches.


2)  SAC plans Spring Fling to celebrate end of classes

Social Affairs Committee is planning a four-day-long blowout event to end
the semester, according to SAC member Kurk Selverian ’97.

He said the celebration, dubbed Spring Fling, will feature a casino night,
a barbecue on Parrish Beach, parties in Tarble-in-Clothier, and a carnival
day. Worthstock, WSRN’s annual music festival, and Harambee, the annual
diversity festival, will take place on the same weekend, adding to the

“We just want everybody to end the school year on a good note,” Selverian
said. “It’s a great time to relax and blow off steam just before finals
begin. I hope if all goes well this can be an annual event.”

Selverian said he and fellow SAC members Jennifer Hayoun ’97 and Brian
Bell ’99 are planning Spring Fling, but have asked other groups to
organize many of the events. Campus organizations participating in Spring
Fling include Delta Upsilon and Phi Psi fraternities, the Swarthmore
African-American Student Society, and the senior class.

The idea for Spring Fling came from similar events at other area colleges
and universities, particularly the University of Pennsylvania, Selverian

Spring Fling is scheduled for the weekend after classes end, May 1 through
May 4.  Admission will be free of charge; student government is paying
for the festival.



1)  The weekend’s results

Dickinson 13, Swarthmore 6
Dickinson 8, Swarthmore 3
Apryl Dunning ’99 went 3 for 5 in the first game of Swarthmore’s home
double-header, while Jean Quinn ’99 hit 3 for 4.  Mary-Beth Alvarez ’98 was
2 for 4 in the second game.  The Garnet drop to 2-16 on the season.

Johns Hopkins 5, Swarthmore 2
Johns Hopkins 14, Swarthmore 3
Steve Farneth pitched a complete game allowing two earned runs in the first
game. Jeremy Bonder ’97 had two hits in that game.  Pat Straub ’97 had a
run-scoring double in the second game. Swarthmore falls to 2-16 on the
season, 1-5 in conference.

Mulhenberg 324, Widener 344, Swarthmore 397, Philadelphia Pharmacy 397
The Garnet are now 1-2-1 on the season.

The Garnet women beat seven of eight teams at the Swarthmore Invitational,
losing out only to Salisbury State 141-164.
  Catherine Laine ’98 was a triple winner, taking the long jump (16’3.5″),
the triple jump (36’7″), and the 100m hurdles (16.15).
  Danielle Duffy ’98 won two events herself, the 400m dash in 59.80, and a
blow-out 200m dash (25.8) where she out-distanced the rest of the field by
40 meters.
  The 4x400m relay of Laine, Stephanie Herring ’99, Duffy, and Jill
Wildonger ’97 won easily in 4:08.60.

Widener edged Swarthmore’s men’s team during the indoor season, but not so
outdoors last Saturday at the Swarthmore Invitational.  The Garnet (191
points) crushed Widener by 45 points in the grudge match, third-place
Salisbury State by 82 points, and four other teams.
  Eric Walton ’97 placed first in the javelin with a throw of 167’11”.
  Mason Tootell ’99 won both the long jump (20’2.25″) and the 110 high
hurdles (16.19).
  Liam O’Neill ’00 took the 1500m run in 4:00.46, and was a scant 0.1
seconds off first in the 800m dash (2:00.79).
  Eric Pakurar ’97 won the 400m intermediate hurdles in 56.39.
  The 4x400m relay of Tootell, Amber Thompson ’97, Walid Gellad ’97, and
Pakurar won in 3:24.86, a full seven seconds ahead of second-place Widener.

Williams 7, Swarthmore 0

Johns Hopkins 8, Swarthmore 1
The only winner was Wendy Kemp ’99 at #5 singles.

Wooster 10, Swarthmore 7
The Garnet traveled eight hours to take on Wooster at home in Ohio.  Though
Swarthmore trailed 7-1 at the half, they came on strong in the second half
and were as close as 7-8 at one point.

Swarthmore 13, Temple 7
Meghan Brennan ’00 scored 3 points with a penalty kick.  The two tries were
scored by Becky Snyder ’98 and a combined effort of Beth Vose ’99 and Alexa
Miller ’00.  The B-side lost 10-0 but played a valiant game including some
players in brand new positions.  The women ruggers are now 4-0.

Swarthmore 12, Widener 10
Swarthmore 22,  Franklin and Marshall 5
Elijah Porter ’99, Chris Jahnke ’98, Jason Sturm ’97, and Adam Blescia ’97
each scored a try on the day.  Dan Schwan ’97 was the leading scorer with
two tries.  Tony Sturm ’99 connected on a difficult kick to clinch the
two-point victory over Widener.

Penn State Tournament
Rutgers 13 Swarthmore 5
Haverford 12 Swarthmore 9
Swarthmore 11 Syracuse 0
Swarthmore 12 Rochester 4
Penn State 13 Swarthmore 9
The Warmothers had their best performance yet against Rutgers this weekend
at the Penn State Tournament.  Courtney Harter ’97 was voted the team ‘Iron
Woman’ as she sat out only two points during the entire tournament.  Mandy
Hourihan ’98 outdistanced her opponents for many incredible catches despite
a serious knee injury.  Katy Harrod ’97 also sacrificed her body for the
game with repeated successful layouts on both defense and offensive.


2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

Golf hosts U. Pennsylvania, Widener, and Philadelphia Textile in a 1 p.m. match.
Women’s tennis travels to Bryn Mawr for a 4 p.m. match.
Baseball hosts Widener in a 3:30 game.

TUESDAY (8 April)
Baseball takes on Franklin and Marshall at home at 3:30 p.m.
Golf travels to the Gettysburg Invitational, which starts at noon.
Women’s lacrosse hosts Ursinus at 4 p.m.
Softball is at home for a double header against Mulhenberg at 2:30.
Men’s tennis travels to the College of New Jersey for a 3 p.m. match.


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