Friday, April 4, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Friday, April 4, 1997
Volume 1, Number 45


1)  Big Miss Moviola presentation

2)  Turkish Culture Week kicks-off


1)  Yesterday’s results:  baseball

2)  Tonight’s and the weekend’s contests

Yesterday’s article on SAC-funded activities for this upcoming weekend,
left out two parties scheduled for Saturday night.
               *In Olde Club the Kool Vishne party by the Turks
               *In Upper Tarble a semi-formal by SASS
Also, tonight in Sharples during dinner SAC is sponsoring a lip-sync contest.


1) Big Miss Moviola presentation

Last night, Ms. Miranda July visited Swarthmore to present Big Miss
Moviola, a screening of independent films and videos made by women. Moviola
is an alternative distribution network organized in a chain letter format:
women send their work to Ms. July who strings 10 films together on one
tape. She then sends the compilation tapes out to every woman who submits
her work. The project was invented by Ms. July two years ago. It is based
in Portland, Oregon and is currently co-organized by Julia Bryant Wilson,
Swarthmore Class of 1995.^B

Thursday’s presentation in^Bcluded such amazing big screen features as “Her
Perversions” by Carolyn Coolie and Zoey Kroll, “Trac” by Delphin Pietri, a
hilarious commercial break by Amber Dawn, “Atlanta” by Ms. July, and
“Goddess Kring” by Shannon Kringen. Two Swarthmore students, Jesse Dancy
’97 and Malado Baldwin-Tejeda ’97, presented a collection of their own
short films as well.

Intermission, or “One Minute in Heaven” as Ms. July refers to it, was a
chance for everyone to become an underground movie star. Audience members
were given one minute alone with a video camera in the bathroom, and were
allowed to do anything they wanted as long as they completed the phrase
“Nobody ever told me…” somewhere within the one minute. This tape was
eventually shown back to the audience, garnering numerous laughs, nods of
agreement, and cheers.

The program was presented by the Women’s Resource Center with the help of
generous contributions from a number of other organizations. Ms. July, a
self described “mulit-media provocateur” is also a performing artist on the
label Kill Rock Stars, and will be doing a show at LaSalle before returning
to Portland. She has tentative plans to return to Swarthmore and perform at
Olde Club sometime in the fall.


2)  Turkish Culture Week kicks-off

Saruhan Hatiplioglu, a graduate student from Johns Hopkins’ School of
Advanced International Studies (S.A.I.S.), spoke about the “Kurdish
Problem” in Turkey on Thurday afternoon.  He was a guest speaker for
Turkish Culture week, sponsored by the Turkish Club.  Stemming from the
information he received as a research assistant for the United States
Congress, Hatiplioglu discussed the complications with the unrest in Turkey
between the Kurds and the Turkish government and the difficulties with the
way Western media perceives the “terrorist” activities of the P.K.K.
(members of the Kurdish Workers Party, or “card-carrying Kurdistans”) in

This lecture was the first event in the Turkish Culture week series.
Tomorrow afternoon Bryn Mawr professor Azade Seyhan will give a speech
entitled “Turkish-German Women Story Tellers” at 4:30 p.m. in Kohlberg 116.
Also tomorrow night, the Turkish Club is sponsoring a reserved Paces
dinner with a belly dancer providing the entertainment for the evening.



1)  Yesterday’s results:  baseball

Washington 4, Swarthmore 1
Jeremy Bonder ’97 went 3-3 with an RBI, a double, and two stolen bases.
Pat Straub ’97 threw out three of four base-runners attempting to steal.
Dave Giles ’98 threw a gem, limiting the Shoremen to only three earned runs
in eight innings work.


2)  Tonight’s and the weekend’s contests

Baseball is home against Washington in a 3:30 game.
Golf takes on Muhlenberg and Philadelphia Pharmacy at Widener; match starts
at 1 p.m.

SATURDAY (5 April)
Baseball travels to Johns Hopkins for a double-header starting at 12 noon.
Men’s lacrosse goes to Wooster for a 1 p.m. game.
Softball hosts a double-header against Dickinson starting at 1 p.m.
Track and field takes on six teams beginning at 11 a.m. on Skallerup Track
Men’s tennis hosts Williams at 11 a.m.
Women’s tennis plays at home against Johns Hopkins at 2 p.m.
Women’s rugby matches up against Temple at 11 a.m.
Men’s volleyball travel to Philadelphia College of Bible for a 2 p.m.
tri-match with LaSalle.


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