Monday, March 31, 1997

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The Daily Gazette

Swarthmore College
Monday, March 31, 1997
Volume 1, Number 41


1)  Student Council meeting highlights

2)  Night of Scenes showcases student acting and directing talent


1)  The weekend’s results

2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests


1)  Student Council meeting highlights

Student Council plans to express its disapproval of the Social Affairs
Committee’s decision to fund a reception following an Easter service on
campus this weekend. They will send a letter to the administration,
students, and organizations involved expressing their concern that SAC
involved itself in funding a religious activity, and will suggest that the
money retroactively be revoked and replaced with funds from more
appropriate sources, like Budget Committee. One SC member dissented.

In other news, Student Council last night approved a proposal that would
change the hiring period for the Budget Committee Treasurer, the SC Van
Coordinator, the Yearbook Co-Editors, and the Student Publications
Coordinator. These year-long positions, which have previously begun during
the spring semester and continued through the following fall, will now be
chosen along the lines of the academic calendar, beginning in the fall

The terms of current BC Treasurer Vincent Jones ’98 and current Student
Publications Coordinator Sam Schulhofer-Wohl ’98 have been extended until
this fall, in observance of the transitional period. In the future, rising
juniors will be strongly encouraged to apply for these positions.

In Budget Committee news, Jones reported to SC that his committee had
authorized an allocation of $3600 for the men’s ultimate frisbee team, to
defray transportation and registration costs of upcoming tournaments. The
Council gave deference to BC, but wished to register its reservations that
such funding be used for hotel accommodations.

Finally, SC members played an impressive round of “misery poker” while
trying to choose who would head up Elections Committee during the coming
election season. After a 45 minute discussion, during which many members
explained the extent of their other commitments, Trang Pham ’00 agreed to
serve as the committee chair.


2)  Night of Scenes showcases student acting and directing talent

A sell-out audience packed the Intercultural Center Saturday night to see
students act and direct three scenes with themes of love, grief, and
bondage. The students performed this semester’s Night of Scenes twice again
on Sunday. Beginning with Tennessee Williams’  “The Glass Menagerie,”
director Andrew Brown ’97 set a scene of contrasts: the shy, fretful Laura,
and Jim, the up and coming extrovert she had a crush on in high school.
Joanna Perry ’00 played a realistically passive Laura, excited only by her
glass animals and her memories of her teenage affection for Jim, played
energetically by Charlie Ellis ’00.

Erin Corbett ’99 directed the next, emotionally charged scene, from “On
Tidy Endings” by Harvey Fierstein. Ashley Flynn ’98 starred as Marion,
whose ex-husband Colin had just died of AIDS. Alongside her was David Ryan
’00, who played Colin’s partner Arthur who had taken care of him as he was
dying. The pair engaged in a true to life duel over the rights to Colin’s
memory, which Arthur eventually laid passionate claim to.

Finally, the mood shifted to raucous bawdiness in the last scene, from “The
Balcony” by Jean Genet, directed by Sue Andrews ’99. Corey Datz-Greenberg
’00 starred as a lustful “judge” with a very funny fetish. Sarah Scheckter
’00 played “the thief” in this mock court, masterfully avoiding the judge’s
passions. Equipped with a whip, a pair of leather pants, and little else,
Timothy Bragg ’99 (playing “the executioner”) obediently followed, and then
amorously commanded, his judge.



1)  Yesterday’s results

Seven Sisters Tournament at Wellesley
Swarthmore 8, Vassar 7
Swarthmore 15, Mt. Holyoke 6
Wellesley 14, Swarthmore 10
The Garnet went into the tourney as the number two seed and came out as the
same, runners-up to number one seed Wellesley.  Swarthmore was slow out of
the gate in their first game against Vassar — “Everyone was out to get us
because we were seeded so high,” said freshman keeper Kate Doty — but
gathered steam as the tournament wore on.  In the finals against Wellesley,
Alicia Googins ’00 scored four goals, and Holly Baker ’99 added two.  Baker
and Lia Ernst ’97 were named to the tournament MVP team.  Swarthmore stands
at 1-0 in the conference, and 5-1 on the season.

Dickinson 8, Swarthmore 1
Dickinson 5, Swarthmore 4
George Rosenbaum ’00 and Brian Lopez ’00 each collected three hits in the
course of the doubleheader.  Rosenbaum added two RBIs in game two.
Swarthmore pitchers Steve Farneth ’00 and Jeremy Bonder ’97 allowed only
five earned runs over the two games.

Gettysburg 9, Swarthmore 2
Gettysburg 14, Swarthmore 6
The Garnet lost a double-header on the road against Gettysburg, falling to
2-12 on the season.

Amherst 5, Swarthmore 2
Last year Amherst snuffed the Garnet’s bid for a slot in the NCAA national
tournament.  Swarthmore was thwarted in this year’s attempt at revenge.

Washington 8, Swarthmore 1
The Garnet’s only win came from freshman Laura Brown at # 5 singles.  Wendy
Kemp (# 4) played a hard match, splitting sets and then losing in a tie
breaker.  The women’s tennis team is now 0-3 on the season, and will host
Millersville on Wednesday.

Haverford 10, Swarthmore 9
The War Mothers held the lead throughout the game until the final seconds
when Haverford snagged both the victory and the disc in their end-zone.
Anna Sugden-Newbery ’99 was awarded the team layout skirt for her offensive
bids for the disc, while Courtney Harter ’97 led the team in defensive

The Garnet spent a rainy Saturday with Ursinus at the Haverford Open.  The
women’s 4x100m relay of Danielle Duffy ’98, Desiree Peterkin ’00, Catherine
Laine ’98, and Wonda Joseph ’00 cake-walked to a new school record in 50.2
seconds against virtually no competition.  Nine personal bests were scored
on the day by the entire team, including sophomore Mason Tootell’s first
place 110m high hurdles dash and senior Eric Pakurar’s second place 800m
run of 1:59.8.


2)  Tonight’s and tomorrow’s contests

The baseball game against Widener has been postponed.
The softball team travels to Beaver College for a 3:00 p.m. contest.

TUESDAY (1 April)
Baseball takes on Washington College in a 3:00 p.m. game.
The women’s lacrosse team hosts Johns Hopkins at 4:00 p.m.


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