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Swarthmore’s neglect of spiritual life

It is quite disappointing to see a college that is self-advertised as being committed to the common good in Swarthmore’s current state of archaism. It is difficult to see all but the faintest bits of progressivism left behind by the college’s founders. Our founders defined the common good by action. When our college was founded,… Keep Reading


Previewing week 3 of the NFL season

The 2012-13 NFL season introduced a class of hybrid quarterbacks meshing pocket-passing with blistering speed. Five of the twelve previous seasons’ championship contenders were led by a new prototype quarterback [ i.e. Washington, Seattle, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Green Bay]. These high-octane offenses proved to stimulate crowds and stymie defenses. The 2013-14 season seems to suggest… Keep Reading

After the Syllabus, Beach Tomes

The upcoming summer away from Swarthmore means a rare window of reading books not dictated by sylabi.  For those for whom sudden litereary freedom might be intimidating,  here is a list of summer recommended reads followed by choice selections from Swarthmore English professors.   “On the Road: The Original Scroll” (2007, 408 pgs) by Jack… Keep Reading

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A Portrait of the Sharples Re-designers

For Professor Min Kyung Lee of the Art History Department, architecture is not “strictly a technical practice,” but is rather about “being able to produce and come up with an idea … [to] find an aesthetic and functional and socially and environmentally responsible way of addressing” any problem. Skilled architects, then, design their own buildings… Keep Reading


MISERY POKER//HOW DO SWATTIES FEEL ABOUT THEIR WORKLOAD?But many of us “frequently feel overwhelmed by my work.” | Create infographics Keep Reading

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