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Phoenix P

Freedom from freedom

Freedom is an often used word in our country, and yet it remains difficult to get a full sense of what it means. Often it is described as a freedom to do something: the right to free speech, the right to bear arms, and the right to practice any given religion are good examples. Yet… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Data reveals complexity in sustainability

Over the past five years, the College has consistently publicized its commitment to sustainability through its hires at the Office of Sustainability, its building of new energy efficient buildings and more recently its efforts with the carbon charge and the installation of geothermal wells on campus. The Office of Sustainability has grown, and now has… Keep Reading


A forgiving response to “Admissions Doesn’t Care”

Throughout the hard process of attempting to forgive you, I had to remind myself why your thoughts manifested themselves the way they did, and I indeed thought of a thousand reasons. You may not have witnessed and fathomed the realities of others, and I genuinely hope to help you see a glimpse of the realities… Keep Reading


Printing is free, so why aren’t tampons?

I’m sitting on the toilet, thinking this is going to be a typical trip to the bathroom. I had the urge to pee, and without hesitation, I quickly located the nearest restroom to fulfill my need. I remain seated for a time, overcome by the senses of relief and alleviation that we are all too… Keep Reading


Care for one another

We hear this maxim as we first step on campus. We follow it, or we are expected to, throughout our years. Yes, it is stale to hear. Yes, it is tiring to repeat. Yes, it is easy not to do.  “Care for one another.” I grew up just north of the Capitol in DC at… Keep Reading


Yale divested, why haven’t we?

In April, Yale University, which has one of the highest performing endowments in the world, announced that it would partially divest its endowment from fossil fuels, citing the financial risks of fossil fuel holdings. It began divesting simply by asking managers to sell off fossil fuel stocks. Yale’s steps toward a just and sustainable future… Keep Reading


Giving thanks where it’s due

My father walks in the front door as slowly and quietly as possible. It is 6:30 in the morning, and he is heading to bed after a twelve-hour graveyard shift at the factory. He spent the last twelve hours operating machines for plastic and electric automobile parts. The endless hours of manual labor leave his… Keep Reading


A plea for decency: alcohol and assholes

First scenario. You’re at Paces on a Saturday night. You’ve never been sweatier. You see someone cute. You go up to them and you talk to them. You ask to dance. They say yes. You try to maneuver dancing without spilling your cup of Natty Light. You ask their name. You ask it again. You… Keep Reading

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