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Words are still relevant in politics

Until 1879, the German term for hatred of Jews was Judenhass, which literally translates to “hatred of Jews.” That year, a German agitator named Wilhelm Marr founded a new organization called the League of Antisemites. The term “anti-Semite” had existed before then, but it was not used to express an ideology. According to the late… Keep Reading

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Journalistic integrity involves us all

Freedom of the press is threatened each and every day at a local, national, and international level. Within the United States, we enjoy constitutional protection of our most basic freedoms of speech and press; the same can be said here at Swarthmore for the most part. However, with the rise of President-elect Trump, the national… Keep Reading


The insecurity of a dark campus

As days grow shorter and night time fills more of the days, I notice how underlit campus is. Walking between dorms and libraries, I often find myself speeding to the next street lamp without much light to accompany me. Even at the end of my first semester at Swarthmore, I recognize there is a discomfort… Keep Reading

Voters these days often reward politicians who sit at either end of the ideological spectrum while punishing those seen as compromisers.

The end

The end is nigh. Recently, I have been thinking about the end a lot as we approach the end of the semester, the end of classes, and the end of Obama’s presidency. Time itself seems to be shrinking.    These past eight years have been pretty momentous in terms of the amount of social change… Keep Reading


Bursting the Swat bubble

Sitting in the Starbucks a mile away from campus in Springfield on a Saturday afternoon, I sit enjoying my coffee as I think of how much work I am getting done and take mental notes of what I still have left to do. In a matter of a few hours of being separated from the… Keep Reading

Opinions/Staff Editorials

Acts of anti-semitism indicate need for improvement

Since August 31, five swastikas have been found on or near Swarthmore’s campus. The discovery of offensive, hateful, and bigoted symbols and speech at Swarthmore is nothing new. The history of our institution is rife with examples of bias incidents, graffiti, and actions and hateful symbolism that hurt large swaths of our student population. This… Keep Reading


Swarthmore forces students to take cold showers

As part of the overall goal to prepare students for the real world, the Swarthmore’s Facilities Department, with the approval of the administration, decided to limit the availability of hot water usage for showers and sinks in dormitory restrooms. According to Elsa Frost, head of the Facilities Department, this is not only an economic advantage… Keep Reading


Congress’ critical role

When Donald Trump takes the oath of office just under two months from now, the Office of President of the United States will enter a new era—one that will thrust it into territory unfamiliar to most of us. In the 25 years or so between the end of Andrew Jackson’s second term and the beginning… Keep Reading

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