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BEP plans too late to save

Detailed plans for the school’s new biology, psychology, and engineering building have been drawn up. Unrealistic layered renderings have been commissioned. And now, according to college administrators, it is simply too late to stop or considerably alter any of it. That’s despite the fact that the plans haven’t even been made public (on the web… Keep Reading


The freshman feels: academic rigor

We are almost there, Swatties. Only three more weeks before the end of finals, before the first years reflect on how the year has flown by and the sophomores celebrate becoming real upperclassmen. Only three more weeks before the juniors grow into seniors and the seniors prepare their tears and applause for graduation. Yet, for… Keep Reading

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What do we lose when we lose intent?

Chances are, you’ve long found an answer to one of the most difficult philosophical questions. The question is a very insidious one; it shapes not only our morals, but the whole way in which we conceptualize the world. It’s the problem of other minds. Do other people have minds like you do? Like I said,… Keep Reading


Swarthmore should follow Yale’s lead, divest

On April 12th, Yale’s Chief Investment Officer David Swensen announced the school’s decision to partially divest its endowment from fossil fuels. Swensen cited not ethical reasons, but financial prudence, as the top motivator behind the decision. Yale’s divestment came after Swensen asked their investment managers to consider the potential risks that investments in coal and… Keep Reading


You may ask yourself, well, how did I get here?

I don’t know how you tear a building down. Maybe it involves explosives, charges shaped in such a way that the whole structure collapses nicely in on itself. Or perhaps it has something to do with wrecking balls and bulldozers. Or could it really be tearing, a giant hand from the sky ripping it in… Keep Reading

2016 presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

Thanks, Bernie

As Secretary Clinton’s delegate count steadily and defiantly crept past the 2,000 mark this past Tuesday, Sen. Sanders was forced to admit that the possibility of his loss was becoming increasingly real. Those who know me as an avid Hillary supporter know that Tuesday was a day of celebration and triumph; amidst this rejoicing, however,… Keep Reading

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Opinions/Staff Editorials

Dining options limited for religious students

This week at Sharples, many students who were keeping kosher for the holiday had trouble finding enough food. There are a variety different ways to observe passover, from not prescribing to any dietary restrictions, to not coming in contact with any hametz, the word referring to the five grains—wheat, barley, oats, spelt, and rye—that are… Keep Reading

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For almost a year now I’ve been struggling with stomach issues which have progressively taken over my life. It started out as a sort of uncomfortable affliction, something that I could turn down if I simply paid attention to other things. Then it started to appear when I was in class, specifically during an independent… Keep Reading

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