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WNR makes structural changes to operation

In the past, War News Radio (WNR), Swarthmore’s award-winning student-run news group, traditionally produced 30-minute weekly broadcasts that were carried on numerous radio stations worldwide. Starting this semester, WNR is not only dropping their broadcasts for a more comprehensive, multimedia online platform, but it is also expanding the topics being covered. According to staff member… Keep Reading

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Pool irritants to be alleviated by new UV cleaning system

After months of complaints about uncomfortable swimming conditions by Ware Pool users, Swarthmore athletic administrators have finally settled on a date to install an ultraviolet (UV) sterilizing system — one that promises to reduce the level of chloramines, the chlorine by-product that causes eye and nasal irritation and difficulty in breathing for swimmers. According to… Keep Reading

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Library talk enters planning discussions

The next edition of the Swarthmore Strategic Directions Draft Plan, sent for approval to the Board of Managers this week, contains far more language about Swarthmore’s library system than the previous one, which contained the word “library” once, in reference to funding for databases to be housed there. Students, faculty members and library staff had… Keep Reading

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Swat bucks national trend of decline in science majors

Based on observations from members of the Swarthmore community, the college seems to be defying a perceived nationwide decline in the number of successful math, science, and engineering majors. On November 6, 2011, The New York Times printed an article titled, “Why Science Majors Change Their Minds (It’s Just So Darn Hard)”, which addressed the… Keep Reading

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Late night dining options proposed for hungry students

After several late and hungry nights last semester, Morgan Williams ’14 and Nicholas Ciborowski ’14 started devising a plan to establish a system that would make food available past midnight on campus. “When it gets to be around one or two [in the morning], there really isn’t anywhere to get food because everything has closed… Keep Reading

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Judith Butler speaks at Bryn Mawr as Mary Flexner lecturer

As students at Swarthmore listened to Nicholas Kristof’s humanitarian pitch on Monday, students at Bryn Mawr flocked to a philosophical lecture that, according to an official publication, covered “the important distinction between queer politics and gay and lesbian rights frameworks,” and questioned whether “those who struggle for gender equality and sexual freedom should care about… Keep Reading

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Swat students operate homeless shelter

This fall, a group of students from Swarthmore, in addition to both undergraduate and graduate students from six other colleges, kick-started the Student-Run Emergency Housing Unit of Philadelphia (SREHUP), a budding initiative dedicated to providing shelter during the coldest months of the year for the homeless and the socially underprivileged in the heart of the… Keep Reading

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Swat’s numbers of alcohol-related incidents remain low

Alcohol-related incidents at Swarthmore have remained remarkably low for the past few years, and this trend seems likely to continue. According to the Clery Report, available to all students from Public Safety, the number of liquor law arrests has been around 20 to 30 per calendar year, and the number of referrals for liquor law… Keep Reading

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