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Yousaf Razvi

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The best cars for the most useless categories

For every absurdly rich Hollywood celebrity who ends up mindlessly buying a 2-million-dollar Bugatti, there are countless kids who spend much of their free time contemplating and researching which car(s) they would have for the same money. I couldn’t estimate the amount of times I’ve talked with my friends about “which car I’d have if… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

Cars on Campus: BMW’s, Ice Racing,and Mailboxes

  I became friends with Mikhal Yudien ’19 through some mutual friends. Essentially, my friends knew I was into cars, and they were like, “Yo, we know this girl who is into cars; you should meet her.” I was like, “Sure, sounds cool.” Little did I know, I was going to meet someone who dresses… Keep Reading

Campus Journal

A Little About Me and A Revolutionary New Electric Vehicle

I’m Yousaf, I’m a junior, and I really really like cars. And by really like cars, I mean I watch videos on how engines work when I want to procrastinate on econ problem sets (sorry Professor Bhanot), to read Car and Driver/Road and Track/Motor Trend articles more than political science ones, daydream about which cars… Keep Reading

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