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Engaging to Disengage: Mark Wallace Inaugurates the Faculty Fast for Divestment

When Professor Mark Wallace first came to Swarthmore, he introduced one of the first environmental studies courses into the religion department curriculum: “Religion and Ecology”, a course he still teaches today. Recently, in keeping with the widespread darkening of our environmental future, he has added a new course offering that also pairs religious and environmental… Keep Reading

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The Morning After: A Post-Eagle Walk in Philly

  Philadelphia had the air of a city recovering from a natural disaster on Monday morning – the shuttered businesses, the detritus, the ubiquitous sense of fellowship and renewed appreciation for life among those on the mostly empty streets. Newscasters and cameramen walked around City Hall trying to capture remnants of the joyful storm. Finding… Keep Reading

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The Art of the Scoop: Reflections on Student Journalism

Given that I am at a time in my life when almost any moment could be productively spent chipping away at a tall stack of obligatory and enlightening readings, and more often than not I am sitting in a library while a staggering number of nationally- and internationally-acclaimed publications wait at my fingertips, a mere… Keep Reading

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The Cassowary Strikes: Into the Woods with the Bird Club

My introduction to Swarthmore Bird Club came several weeks ago during the beginning-of-year activity fair. Wearing a full bird mask, Ben Schmidt ’18 writhed on his back, propelling himself in circles in front of Parrish Hall like the frontman of AC/DC. While Schmidt was clearly fueled by a passion for birds so intense as to… Keep Reading

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The Beautiful Grind: Henry Ortmeyer ’18 Explains Squash

When I asked Henry Ortmeyer ’18 how often he meets people who don’t know what squash is, his answer was immediate and matter-of-fact: “Oh, so often. No, no one knows about it, no one ever knows.”   The strategy he’s developed for clearing things up is to tell his confused interlocutors that “it’s kind of… Keep Reading

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