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Handling of missing D.C. girls cases exposes racist tendencies, sparks national dialogue

In the past two weeks, ten children of color have gone missing in Washington, DC. The fact that this story is not consistently making national headlines reaffirms the existence of discriminatory racial biases, both implicit and explicit, perniciously permeating into the way institutions operate, specifically with respect to crises. The Associated Press reports that D.C.’s… Keep Reading

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Jews must stand with Muslims

On March 6, President Trump signed his second executive order pertaining to a travel ban, which bars migrants from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, and Sudan from entering the United States. Iraq was removed from the first travel ban, prior to its overturning those traveling from there will still be subjected to supplementary security procedures… Keep Reading

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Go See Hidden Figures

I do not pretend to be a film critic, but what I do know is that “Hidden Figures” is the movie the entirety of America needs to go see right now. The story centers around Katherine Goble — married name Katherine Johnson — Mary Jackson, and Dorothy Vaughan, three Black, female mathematicians working for NASA… Keep Reading


Low Cost Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

When you are a college student operating on a relatively thin budget, Valentine’s Day can be a huge pain.  From flowers to jewelry, from overpriced chocolates to candle-lit dinners, one 24 hour period is enough to clean out your bank account for the rest of the year.  If you are struggling to balance your budget… Keep Reading

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American Express Breaks Boundaries in the Improv World

On Nov. 19, Kilo Martin, Soumya Dhulekar, and Remi Dhillon of American Express—a Philadelphia-based improv group—came to Swarthmore to perform at the Intercultural Center. This event was part of the IC’s new programming framework, which aims to  bring more of the community into the space. Founded this summer with the goal of increasing the representation… Keep Reading

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Don’t be silenced by the election

Election night at the political science department’s viewing party in Trotter was a mess of emotions, petrified students wandering in and out of the various watch rooms, pacing the corridors, and frantically refreshing their phones for the updated electoral counts. Swat Dems and Conservatives alike held their breath as CNN projections flashed across the screens,… Keep Reading

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The battle of the coffee bars

You are in line at a coffee bar.  You reach into your pocket and pull out your OneCard with that picture you so desperately wish you could retake. You decide what you want to consume, trying not to think about the exponentially decreasing number of points in your account. Are you in Kohlberg, or are… Keep Reading

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