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Unprepared, unaided and alone

As we approach the end of the fourth week of classes, many of us are probably starting to feel the pressure that we associate with Swat academics. This escalation of academic stress can be especially hard to deal with as a freshman, especially if a student’s high school education did not prepare them for the… Keep Reading

Columns/Duniya Shuniya/Opinions

Pope Francis works toward social good

The Catholic Church itself may not be the most popular institution in the world, but Pope Francis seems intent on cultivating some good cheer for the Vatican. The world has already talked about his relative frugality, his acceptance of gays, and his apparent desire to reform aspects of the church that have alienated many followers. … Keep Reading


Thatcher’s Legacy

In the midst of all the Facebook statuses about Swarthmore’s own controversies, opinions on Margaret Thatcher’s role as a politician and a woman made a brief appearance on my news feed as word of her passing spread. The Iron Lady was a remarkably divisive political personality for her controversial politics and her status as Britain’s… Keep Reading

Indian Women Still Waiting

You know a country has a problem when someone takes the time to name a culture-specific problem in a foreign language. The gathering of men in public places to verbally and sometimes, physically harass women is called “eve-teasing” in India; it’s as common a term as any to the average Indian but a random grouping… Keep Reading

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College Ranks First In World For GMAT Scores

Last week, BusinessWeek published an article detailing its research on business school admissions and identified applicants from Swarthmore College as having the highest average score on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), a standardized test mostly used for applying to business schools. The test has four components — Analytical Writing, Verbal, Quantitative and Integrated Reasoning.… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

SMART Holds Consent Workshops

Since the issuance of Title IX guidelines in 2011, Swarthmore has worked to revise and improve its sexual misconduct policy and provide better information and access to resources for issues regarding sexual assault and misconduct. As a part of this revision in policy, last week the Sexual Misconduct Advisors and Resource Team (SMART) held workshops… Keep Reading

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