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Around Campus/News

Perceptions of Swat: College Confidential

College Confidential is an online forum for high school students applying for college, current college students, and parents. On Swarthmore’s page, current students, parents, and even people who have heard about Swarthmore from friends all discuss different aspects of the college, such as workload, social scene, student activism, etc. However, there are not a lot… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

CAPS increases staff hours to meet students needs

As the semester draws to an end, Counseling and Psychological Services has increased its staff hours to meet the increasing need of students. Increasing CAPS’s capacity through extended hours has been standard procedure for years. The Director of CAPS David Ramirez explained how this adjustment works. They bring in independent contractors who have been collaborating… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News/Regional News

SGO seeks to subsidize SEPTA tickets for students, make Philly more accessible

The Student Government Organization is currently working with the college administration to subsidize SEPTA tickets for all students. If this program is implemented in the future, Philadelphia and all its resources will become more accessible for Swarthmore students. “We all know how expensive it is to go into Philly, and with SEPTA offering no student… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

ScrewDriver makes finding a screw for your roommate more fun

Screw Your Roommate has always been a combination of fun and awkwardness. On the other hand, finding a date for your roommate is definitely less fun. This year, ScrewDriver, a website developed by SCCS, is changing this process. One of the creators behind ScrewDriver Tobin Feldman-Fitzthum ’19 described how the website works. “Screwdriver works a… Keep Reading

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