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Students discontented with housing conditions in PPR

The state of facilities of PPR have some residents expressing their discontent. The three building complex with a combined population of 116 students, home to mainly sophomores and juniors, is located not far from the construction of NPPR, which is set to be open for use in the upcoming semester. Some of the issues encountered… Keep Reading


Paces reopens with new OneCard vendor status

The beginning of March came with the long-awaited reopening of student-run Paces Cafe. On March 12, the cafe resumed operating at full capacity after undergoing an audit, which was resolved in late February. According to a previously published Phoenix article, Paces was under audit because of its old bookkeeping practices and for accepting cash as… Keep Reading

Around Campus/News

Students, faculty attend walk-out and teach-in for climate justice

There is no shortage of public outcry across the country in protest of the newly established Trump administration. As recently as Monday, January 23rd, members of Swarthmore Mountain Justice, in collaboration with over 50 other colleges across the country, organized a walk-out / teach-in aimed at calling attention to the environmentally-threatening rhetoric of the Trump… Keep Reading


SGO works to find answers to police presence

Police activity on campus has been an issue of salience amongst students since the beginning of the semester, as reported in a previous Phoenix article that relayed their presence. This stemmed from a notable series of incidents in which Swarthmore Borough Police were called to campus. The results of such activity have included the shutting… Keep Reading


Students adapt to changes in meal plan

As October comes to a close, Swarthmore students find themselves amidst mid-semester exams and increased academic pressures. Students of all class years learn a necessary balancing act of juggling schoolwork, extracurriculars, and social lives, — all while trying to find time to sleep. However, this semester added another element to this balancing act: new meal… Keep Reading


Swarthmore Conservatives endorse Johnson, uncertain about future of the GOP

It is widely accepted that the political climate of Swarthmore College is liberal, the assumption being that most students identify themselves as Democrats. Indeed, this is reflected in many opinionated articles published on the topic, for example Gloria Kim ’18 in her article. Gloria Kim ’18 author of  “Life as a Conservative at a Liberal… Keep Reading


Parties carry on, with little stability in sight

One month has officially passed since the beginning of the fall semester. Students have now experienced four weeks of parties hosted by the fraternities, Delta Upsilon and Phi Psi, and new party organizer NuWave. However, many students are of the opinion that the parties these last few weeks have been different than these parties in… Keep Reading

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