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Reflections on the state of athletics at Swarthmore

The athletics department has in the past few years seen increasing success as teams have competed in national tournaments and won Centennial Conference championships. But a myriad of problems still exist within the athletics department that prevent many teams from being successful. This article seeks to reflect on some of those issues that affect our… Keep Reading


Big Dance Nearing Championship Round

There’s a reason they call the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament “March Madness”. And this year, it has indeed lived up to its name. The number one overall seed is out, the betting favorite is out, and the upsets have come on thick, leading to one of the most exciting tournaments in recent years.… Keep Reading


Men’s Basketball beats Dickinson, crowned CC Champs

Seattle’s CenturyLink Field is known as being one of the loudest sports venues in the world. Tarble Pavilion just might have given it a run for its money this past Friday and Saturday as the Men’s Basketball team competed for and won the Centennial Conference championship for the first time in school history. Tarble was… Keep Reading


Baseball Primed to Do Big Things

If one takes a walk into the fieldhouse these days, they’ll be greeted by the sounds of bats clinking and balls smacking against leather. That’s the Swarthmore College Baseball Team, hard at work as they prepare for their season. The Garnet team, coached by Matt Midkiff, is looking to rebound from a tough season which… Keep Reading


Tom Wilmots beats FC Phi Psi in PK thriller

Two weekends ago, Swarthmore Intramural Soccer, one of the most popular sports leagues on campus, concluded its season. This season, the championship was contested by five teams: FSFA, Retired Lads, FC Phi Psi, Tom Wilmots, and Slugmore FC. FSFA won the regular season with a record of 3-0-1, including an 8-2 rout of Slugmore FC,… Keep Reading


Taking the NFL by Storm: The Cowboys Saga

What comes to mind when you think of the Dallas Cowboys? For me, it’s “chokes in the playoffs.” Over the past 10 seasons, The Cowboys have played in six playoff games, winning twice, and both of those wins came from wild card games prior to losing in the next round of the playoffs. Tony Romo,… Keep Reading


In Memory and Tribute: Ray Scott

A shadow passed over our campus community this past Friday when we learned of the passing of the beloved Ray Scott. After a hard-fought battle, Ray lost his life to cancer on Nov. 1st. Ray Scott has served as Athletics Equipment Manager for the Garnet since 1993. In those 23 years of service to our… Keep Reading


The State of our Athletic Facilities

There are certain realities about athletics facilities on campus that the athletic department and the college can’t ignore. The Lamb-Miller Field House has basically reached the end of it’s life. Perhaps back when it was built in 1935 it was able to accommodate the needs of the college athletics community, but the same cannot be… Keep Reading

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