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Brittni Teresi

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Cherishing our Crum Woods

Following my morning routine abroad in Hanoi, Vietnam, I am riding the bus from my host family’s house to my classes at Hanoi Medical University. I am mesmerized by the thousands of motorbikes on the road. At least half of the riders are wearing facemasks to protect themselves from pollution. As I exit the bus,… Keep Reading


Bursting the Swat bubble

Sitting in the Starbucks a mile away from campus in Springfield on a Saturday afternoon, I sit enjoying my coffee as I think of how much work I am getting done and take mental notes of what I still have left to do. In a matter of a few hours of being separated from the… Keep Reading


The election is far from over

We did it, Swatties. We made it to Election Day, and this means that we have finally escaped all of the election advertisements, the political phone calls, and the horrible Facebook memes about the terrible qualities of our presidential candidates. Despite the outcome of the election, we have made it past the overwhelming focus on… Keep Reading


Questioning the ‘elite’ education

I’ll never forget the bursting excitement I felt when leaving home last year, anxiously anticipating life-changing college experiences to come. As I looked over my shoulder toward my family one last time before passing through airport security, I had tears in my eyes at the thought of leaving everyone I loved behind. I consoled myself… Keep Reading


Establishing community: is there hope?

As a Swattie, I think it’s pretty much understood that while students enjoy exciting events on campus. Getting people to attend the event, however, is a challenge in itself. Between the impossible hours of readings and problem sets, campus jobs, and extracurriculars, we rarely have the opportunity to put down our homework, let alone convince… Keep Reading


No more blank space

Last week, with the start of classes, I was feeling particularly ambitious and ready to get involved on campus once more. With freshman year behind me, I felt (and still feel) as if I knew a little more about how Swarthmore works. I could now begin to lovingly criticize Swat with the intent to make… Keep Reading


The freshman feels: academic rigor

We are almost there, Swatties. Only three more weeks before the end of finals, before the first years reflect on how the year has flown by and the sophomores celebrate becoming real upperclassmen. Only three more weeks before the juniors grow into seniors and the seniors prepare their tears and applause for graduation. Yet, for… Keep Reading

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