Relaunched Ski Club Draws Huge Interest on First Trip

When Swarthmore Ski Club leader Jennifer He ’24 sent an email gauging interest in a downhill skiing trip to the mailing list of Outsiders, Swarthmore’s outing club, she expected a strong response. Still, the overwhelming level of student interest took her by

Recapping the J-Term Semester

In January 2021, for the first time, Swarthmore College offered students the option to register for a four-week long, remote term. According to the Swarthmore website (see here) , J-term was implemented to help students divide their credit load throughout the 2020-2021

Ugh, It’s Cold

The headline says it all. We’re already three weeks into spring, the season of new beginnings, new life, a cleanse of sorts, a celebration of life, warmth, and happiness … and yet it’s still cold? Not only cold, but snowing?! In April?!?

Your New and Improved Winter Playlist

Tired of listening to the same old Christmas songs now that it’s February? Wish you had the perfect playlist to take you somewhere warmer? Have some songs in mind now that you’ve read those first few sentences and want this list to

Protect ya neck: reflections on turtlenecks

So I was told the theme of this particular CJ issue was about “change” … It’s a fitting theme, no doubt — focused on ,if not completely derailed by, the putrid maelstrom that is the election of 2016. But as you do,

Winter: an outsider’s experience

To many of my peers here at Swat, and I’m sure those who experienced snow for the first time over Snowzilla will empathize, my fascination with the cold and the snow seems amusing. It is not, however, the mere superficial aesthetic of

Women’s Basketball Earns Playoff Berth

On the schedule, a run came to an end this past week, as seniors Eliza Polli and Madeline Ross played in their Senior Day game against Franklin & Marshall. But the Garnet are just beginning what they hope will be a long