College to Renovate Lang Music with Renewed Lang Funding

As students, faculty, and community members roam campus, they walk past the large scale construction of the BEP building and minor renovations of Science Center wall paneling. In the coming year, they’ll also come across reconstruction of the Lang Music Building. This

McCabe renovations in its initial planning stages

Last semester, the Library Committee began preparing for a series of changes to the college libraries. Headed by College Librarian Peggy Seiden, the committee took on a more ambitious role than in years past, inviting representatives from the dean’s office, Information Technology


Mary Lyons Basement To Undergo Renovations

Next year, the college hopes to increase the incoming freshmen class size from this year’s 379 to approximately 391. As gradual expansion occurs, members of the administration are seeking to capitalize on any available dorm space that could provide extra housing. As


Campus Master Plan Enters Final Stages

Imagine walking out of a spacious biology lab through a second story glass walkway into a new and improved engineering building. Or, perhaps, eating a Sharples meal at an outdoor table and then doing yoga in a new wellness center by the