Reconciling Ethics and Fantasy Football

[Content warning: sexual assault, domestic violence, sexual harassment] A few weeks ago, at 7:28 p.m., I sat at my dining room table, a stack of papers to my right and a Pabst Blue Ribbon to my left. My computer was open to

NFL Season Kicks Off

The first week of September at Swarthmore College is always full of excitement. Not only did classes resume this past week after three months of summer break, but the National Football League returned to screens for its first week of the 2019-2020

Patriots keep the dynasty alive

That’s it, another NFL season in the books. This was a season not without its fair share of controversy as Steelers star Le’Veon Bell refused a contract to play all year, and discussion of kneeling during the national anthem continued. But all

The Eagles rocky road to Super Bowl LII

Following a 38-7 sweep of the Minnesota Vikings, the Philadelphia Eagles have gained a chance to end the team’s 57-year championship drought. All they have to do is defeat Tom Brady and the Patriots. For the most part, however, the past several