Dems Win House and Sweep Delco, Swat Turnout Strong

Tuesday, November 6 was a historic night for elections both in Swarthmore and across the country due to upsets and voter turnout, the latter of which was considerably higher from Swarthmore students than in 2014. On the national level, Democrats won back

New GOTV Committee Aims to Boost Low Student Voter Turnout

Only 24.8 percent of registered Swarthmore students voted in the 2014 midterm elections, a percentage lower than the national average for college students. Swarthmore staff and students on the Get Out the Vote, or GOTV, committee, which President Smith organized this February,

Swarthmore students must vote in coming election

This will be a historic election. It will indubitably go down in history as one of the most unexpected and tumultuous cycles in electoral history, irrespective of whether or not we elect our first female president. This election will be memorable for